10 Back to School Gadgets for Busy Pothead Parents

What you need to survive another school year with your sanity relatively intact

It’s back to school season! You might think the kids not being home all day would be enough to give any parent a momentary breather, but what it really means is that more likely than not, their schedules are about to be packed with swim meets, soccer practices, PTA meetings, study group sessions, music lessons, and dance classes.

Being a Pothead Parent is hard enough, so Cannabinthusiast has rounded up some of the most convenient accessories for busy parents that partake.

Smoke Trap 2.0
Look, this is your home, and you should be able to smoke where you want without the kids saying, “It smells funny in here.” Technology has come a long way since cardboard tubes and dryer sheets, and while we’re not hating on a classic, you’re an adult with kids now, so it’s time to make the 20ish dollar investment, and filter your smoke with a sleek, triple-filtered sploof. Pocket-sized design features a HEPA and coconut carbon filtration system, economical, easy to change filters good for 300 uses, plus it’s preloaded, and ready to use out of the box.

OPENGROK Premium Storage Tube
Roll it now and save it for later. And later can be anywhere you have your keys with you (probably most places), because this airtight, watertight, and smell-proof aluminum case has a convenient keyring, so you never have to go searching for that spare you rolled for later… unless you lose your keys. But I mean… who does that?

J. Liberty Stash Box
I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know when I say it’s important to lock your stash away when there’s little kids around. But lockboxes can be clunky, and cheaper safes are cheaply made, and can be too easy – or frustratingly difficult – to open. This particular stash box was made with user convenience in mind and includes 2 smell-proof glass jars, a pull-out rolling tray, and lots of space for your favorite small pipes, or papers. The sturdy construction keeps everything inside secure with a double locking mechanism kids can’t open, but adults can access without a struggle.

Rechargeable Flameless Lighter
When you’ve just got a moment to step outside, don’t waste time fighting the wind. It recharges with an included micro USB cable, and the LEDs on the side indicate how much of a charge the lighter has left. This lighter looks and feels almost like a traditional flame lighter, but with a double arc plasma beam pulled straight out of a science fiction movie that laughs in the face of strong wind gusts as it transports you directly into a blunt-filled future.

Electric Herb Grinder
Grinds quickly, quietly, and efficiently, plus it comes with a handy little brush to knock every last bit of herb loose. It’s food grade, and dishwasher safe, so if you’re an occasional smoker, this could easily be popped through a cycle, and used to ground coffee in the morning, or nuts for homemade butters. It’s also economical enough to just get two – one dedicated to your stash, and one for everything else!

Herb Decarboxylator
Interested in amping up your treat game? This device is a fantastic, economical option to get started. The odorless, food grade silicone and aluminum construction is capable of activating up to two ounces of herb for a perfectly potent decarb process. It also impeccably preserves terpenes, which can add a whole new exciting element when experimenting with new recipes. If you’ve been using a mason jar in your oven to decarb, you’re going to find this easy to use, dishwasher-safe device is a total game changer.

Roast & Toast Mug
If there’s one thing every parent really needs, it’s more caffeine. Grab your morning cuppa before the kids get up for school with a mug that’s here to help you wake, bake, and go about your day a little happier. The adorable ceramic design is destined to become your go-to coffee mug and pipe, with the mouthpiece conveniently at the top of the handle, and carb intuitively placed on the right side of the bowl. We recommend charring the top of that bowl first before gulping down your drink to avoid any spillage.

Pax 3 Vaporizer
Yes, it’s a bit of an investment, but in terms of convenience, bang for your buck, and usability, this is the piece you’ll find yourself reaching for over and over again. Capable of vaporizing – never burning – dry herb, wax, and concentrates. Boasts a heat time of 22 seconds, a capacity of .5g, 4 temperature modes, a run time of 2.5 hours, and an impressive 10-year limited warranty. If you’re into oils, there’s a low-cost version just for oils as well.

RAW Classic Natural Rolled Cones
There’s true art and skill behind the ability to roll a perfectly formed cone that takes time and energy to practice, neither of which busy parents tend to have to spare. So, for them – and for anyone less than proficient at rolling – the classic RAW cones are here to help. The tips are included, so rolling up a satisfying smoke is as easy as filling the cone with your favorite herb. RAW’s patented, criss cross design helps ensure a smooth, even burn with minimal canoeing, unbleached fibers, and dye-free materials.

Cosaving Ashtray with Lid
Chances are that you (or your kid) have probably knocked over an ashtray at least once. And it’s not your fault (or theirs): ashtrays are typically pretty easy to forget about and knock over. Prevent future spills with an ashtray designed to be discreet. The handsome wood finish blends in easily with any decor, and the stainless-steel interior tray is removable for easy cleaning. But best of all, the lid is magnetized and will help keep all the ashes inside the next time your tray goes for a tumble. For only about $15, your floors and your wallet will thank you.

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