Eight Practical Gifts for your Favorite Pothead

Especially if that person is you…

Cannabinthusiast | Eight Practical Gifts for your Favorite Pothead

These are the gifts for the real ones: the ones that are always prepared, that would never hold out on a friend, the ones always bringing people together in a circle of sharing. And if you don’t have anyone like that in your life, it’s probably safe to assume that you are that person! Right? Right.

My point is, the pothead in your life deserves better than another boring lighter, or kitschy seasonal gifts covered in pot leaves and dumb “tree” puns (warning: tree puns ahead). Here’s a collection of cool, classy, and practical gifts that’ll come in handy all year long.

Green Cross Combination Lock Bag
Medical marijuana relief on the go? Sounds like a job for the Green Cross! Find relief from the stress of the holidays whether you’re packing up for a trip or having a low-key celebration at home. The multi-layer, carbon-activated lining keeps the dankest of odors from escaping, ensuring your stash is as fresh as the pine tree in your living room was a few weeks ago before the needles started falling out. Water resistant, with your choice of colors and quality materials, the design features a removable crossbody strap, and plenty of room to pack all the essentials – plus a little extra, because you’re no Grinch when it comes to green.

Cannabinthusiast | Eight Practical Gifts for your Favorite Pothead - Green Cross Lock Bag

Unique, affordable, and practical, MIGHTYSKINS wraps might be the coolest way to protect a vape. Available in a variety of colors and designs for all kinds of vape models, these self-adhesive skins keep away dents and scratches while giving your device a serious style upgrade. At under 10 bucks a pop, look up your model type, and snag a few of your favorites to stuff a friend’s (or your own) stocking.

THC Molecule Necklace
Trends come and go, but this is one piece that’ll never go out of style. This stainless-steel pendant with chain is available in black, gold, rose gold, silver, and natural steel finishes to match the wardrobe of any weed enthusiast. A unique, unisex design, the THC molecule pendant is an attractive, subtly subversive accent for everyday wear, and a clever way to include cannabis when you can’t (lookin’ at you, boring work parties).

Cannabinthusiast | Eight Practical Gifts for your Favorite Pothead - THC Molecule Necklace

Raw Cones King Classic
Quick, convenient, and a trusted name for quality rolling papers. Made with all natural materials, and unbleached fibers, these mouthpiece-tipped cones feature Raw’s signature crisscross markings that ensure a slow, even burn for a superior smoking experience. With 50 pre-rolls to a pack, it’s a great size for gifting, and filling with your favorite tree.

Tectonic9 Herb Grinder
Space grade anodized aluminum alloy construction, powerfully secure magnetic components, and a design that intersects the thorough reliability of manual power and convenient automation. No, we’re not talking about NASA’s newest rover; we’re talking about one of the most impressive herb grinders on the market. Designed with portability in mind, this solves the problem of grinding and packing on the go. The ingenious magnetic spouted, automatic dispensing system fills your favorite piece and you’ll be filled with the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re not going to spill anything while you’re out caroling with your best buds.

Cannabinthusiast | Eight Practical Gifts for your Favorite Pothead - Tectonic 9 Herb Grinder

Infusion Buds Butter Infusion Machine
Includes everything but the herb! This set is a must for people who love to cook and – of course – bake, if you know what I mean, and I think you do. Includes a recipe book filled with sweets, savories, and drinks for sipping, and an eBook with tips and tricks to get the most out of every ounce. Creating perfectly infused butters, oils, and tinctures really is as easy as pushing a button. The hard part will be deciding on what to make first!

There are few gifts as classic as a really nice wooden pipe. Compact, pocketable design makes this handsome piece a perfect travel companion, complete with a chamber to hold screens, or store extra bud. Each Hornet is totally unique, handcrafted by artisans, and beautifully packaged in a metal tin, ready for giving.

Cannabinthusiast | Eight Practical Gifts for your Favorite Pothead - Hornet Wood Pipe

Marley Natural Steamroller
Sleekly designed, this glass beauty hits like a traditional bong, and the black walnut base unscrews easily for cleaning. Highly reviewed, Marley Naturals is renowned for their beautiful, functional craftsmanship, and this steamroller lives up to the hype with users claiming it’s quickly become their favorite go-to piece.

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