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Getting a Medical Cannabis Recommendation from Leafwell in Illinois

Cannabinthusiast | Getting a Medical Cannabis Recommendation from Leafwell in Illinois

I am not a heavy cannabis user. I do like to keep some around for whenever I get the urge, usually seeking products known to relieve pain and promote relaxation and sleep rather than launch me into space. Weed is legal for recreational purposes here in my home state of Illinois, so even though I have legit medical reasons for purchasing it, I never really considered applying for a medical card, assuming it would involve a trip to a sketchy doctor’s office followed by a long wait in some dank corner of the DMV basement.

There are benefits to having a medical card, of course. In Illinois, it means you are exempt from most of the extremely high taxes that recreational users are subject to, ultimately paying nearly a third less than the common customer. Cardholders can also buy twice as much at a time and even grow a whole bunch of plants at home, if that’s your thing. I also know from experience that in the event of pandemic-related supply shortages, a lot of your friendly neighborhood dispensaries may suddenly decide to remain open only for medical customers, leaving rec users high and dry.

The pandemic also normalized online alternatives to in-person meetings, and this includes doctor visits. So, when I got the hot tip that doctors were now commonly doing medical cannabis recommendations online, I decided to finally take a serious look at it. I came across the website for Leafwell, which promised a medical card online in minutes. It was late on a Sunday night and going live with a doctor at that time wasn’t an option, so I booked an appointment for the following afternoon. I uploaded a photo of my driver’s license and answered a few basic medical questions, choosing “chronic pain” from a list of qualifying conditions.

At the time of the appointment, I was texted a link to join a video chat with the doctor, who instantly made me feel comfortable. She got right into questions about my pain issues and asked about ways I’ve tried to cope with it in the past. I went into detail about my surgeries and physical therapy experiences, and she listened intently. I got the sense that she really cared about solving my problem, not just going through some charade. After no more than six or seven minutes of discussion, she let me know that I would be approved for the medical card, and to wait “up to a few days” for the certification to be sent to the state, and for further instructions from Leafwell.

The very next day I followed the simple instructions provided by Leafwell, went on the State of Illinois website to complete my end of the application, and saw that the doctor had already sent in my certification. I uploaded a passport-style photo, paid the state fee, and within a few minutes I was able to print out a provisional letter authorizing me to purchase medical cannabis in the state of Illinois. To a dispensary, this is as good as a medical card. A physical card will supposedly arrive in the mail sometime in the next few weeks.

Getting a medical card was altogether a surprisingly quick and painless experience, especially thanks to the attentive doctor and the clear instructions from the fine folks at Leafwell. It does cost some money ($199 at press time) but by my calculations the process can pay for itself in tax savings after just a few trips to the dispensary, depending on your appetite. Illinois customers using Leafwell can enter the code “CANNAIL” at checkout to save $15 on their Leafwell doctor visit. If you are buying cannabis products more than a few times per year and suffer from any of the wide range of conditions that can qualify you for a medical card, Leafwell can show you the way to the promised land of medical marijuana.

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