Give Holiday Thanks with These Gadgets

When it’s time to “go take a walk” with your favorite cousins, they’ll be thankful you brought these along!

“It’s about celebrating family!” many say about Thanksgiving, but no one’s confused: it’s all about the FOOD. And when it comes to food, there’s no stoner amongst us that can say they haven’t planned a bitchin’ meal with the sole purpose of destroying said meal during a ravenous, munchie-crazed frenzy.

Whether you’re hosting or traveling, you’re going to want to break out the stretchy pants, pace yourself, and practice glib responses to unwelcome questions like: When are you getting married? You call that a real job? Why is your generation so lazy?

When it’s time to skip that mess and “go take a walk” with your favorite cousins, they’ll be thankful you brought these along!

FIREDOG Smell Proof Bag
Ditch the baggies and get your hands on this puppy – this FIREDOG Smell Proof Bag is a snazzy pack for pre-dinner snacks. Just the right size to pop into a purse, suitcase, or duffle, the FIREDOG is attractive but innocuous, blending in easily with any travel accouterments. Lined with activated carbon and durable PU leather, this smell-proof travel bag offers quality protection and effective odor-eating technology at a reasonable price.

Sploofy Pro Personal Air Filter
If being around family has you holding your breath in anticipation, score yourself a Sploofy. Keep your smoke to yourself with a practical and pocketable solution. This portable personal air filtering device featuring a replaceable cartridge system that traps smoke and smells with a long-lasting filter for over 350 uses – enough to get you through several courses, plus an extra helping of dessert. Just remember to come up for air between bites.

Trova Go Plus – Discreet Biometric Safe
When you’re on the go, it’s typically a good idea to lock up your most prized possessions to keep them safe. Sleek and discreet, the Trova Go Plus looks like something James Bond would use to encase stolen jewels for safekeeping. Know exactly where your case is with the built-in GPS tracking that updates to your device in real time. The study lightweight aluminum construction opens with a touch of your unique fingerprint, providing unparalleled stash protection on the go.

Just Chill Dried Smokable Bouquet
The holidays are stressful for many – so brighten up the table with some beautiful flowers. Then smoke those flowers in a relaxing herbal blend perfect for taking the edge off all that family time. This unique CBD blend won’t get you high, but it’s a lovely addition to any pipe or packed bowl, blending in nicely to mellow out sativas, or enhance indicas. It’s also wonderful on its own for a relaxing smoke without the high, but also just as pleasant as a nice cup of tea, or in a calming herbal bath. Whatever helps get you through the season!

Turkey Leg Smoking Pipe
No need to argue over these drumsticks, because this is one turkey leg you can puff puff pass. Adorably kitsch, this seemingly no-so-practical pipe is surprisingly low maintenance featuring a clever silicone and glass construction that comes apart for easy cleaning. Hits smooth, offering a delightfully seasonal smoking experience – and if you’re with a fun group, you’re in for a barrage of “roasting the turkey” and “flipping the bird” jokes to last the entire evening.

Bong Appétite: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Weed
Cooking with weed has come a long way from “special brownies”. Packed with helpful information on infusion methods, dosage, and flavor pairings, this is a tome of sophisticated recipes for particular adult tastes. Satiate your munchies this holiday season with non-traditional but fanciful fare like Cannabis Leaf Pesto or Weed Chimichurri.

LĒVO II Essentials Kit
Sure, you can infuse the old-fashioned way, but if you’re looking to take things up a notch with your cannabis cooking, this kit is definitely the way to go. LĒVO includes everything you need to get started infusing oils and butter, including a high-quality herb press, an infusion sprayer, and handy herb block trays so you can store whatever you don’t use right away for your next cooking adventure.

Techtonic9 Herb Grinder
Time for a refill? Skip the impromptu arts and crafts session trying to make a paper funnel out of some random piece of paper you just found. Upgrade to a grinder that helps you get the most out of your bud without the balancing act of trying to pack the bowl. The Techtonic9 is a manual grinder with a spouted auto dispenser that puts your weed exactly where you need it, instead of all over your lap and the floor.

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