Let’s Get the Halloweed Party Started…

Spooky cannabis strains and accessories to celebrate the spirit of the season

Cannabinthusiast | Let’s Get the Halloweed Party Started… | Treats

Where my witches at?! Look, boring people are going to try to tell you this is strictly a holiday for the kids before pulling a 180 and start talking about Santa, but if you’re reading this then you know, and you already know better.

If you’re into the crunching of leaves, the smell of decay, the candy, the costumes, and subversiveness the holiday has to offer, this is the perfect reason (or excuse), to try these autumnally awesome marijuana strains and accessories.

Strains, You Say?
Yes! There’s no shortage of strains named after the very candies you roamed the streets for as a kid long after the streetlights came on. While they lack the sugar content of their namesakes, the high is arguably better. Here’s an incomplete list of treats to try all season long:

Indica Dominant: Candy Corn, Mandarin Zkittles, Alien Rock Candy, Candy Kream and Cotton Candy

50/50: Runtz, Nerdz and Gummy Bears

Sativa Dominant: Sour Patch Kids, Sour Candy, Pink Candy Kush, Candyland and Candy Apple

Juicy Jays Rolling Papers
If your best trick is rolling a well-packed joint that burns smoothly and evenly, Juicy Jays is a functionally sweet seasonal treat. They come in flavors for every taste, from cotton candy that’ll take you back to those janky rides at the country fair (known as the “White Trash Bash” where I’m from), and fruity flavors reminiscent of those hard candies with the plastic wrappers that were too hard to peel to get off entirely, so you’d just pop the whole thing in your mouth until it unstuck enough to spit it out. Check out this crazy selection, sure to satiate all manner of goblin or ghoul.

Weedja Rolling Tray
Roll a smoke while contacting the spirits! Lift the veil to the underworld using a Weedja Board that gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “contact high.” This sturdy wood print tin tray features curved edges and high sides to avoid spills, and while it’s a perfect addition for spooky decor, its sentiment holds true any day.

Cannabinthusiast | Let’s Get the Halloweed Party Started… | Weedja Rolling Tray

GRAV Dugout
Halloween is THE night for people-watching, parties, hangouts, and smoking on the go. A discreet smoke on the go doesn’t have to be a whole production; this Halloween, get yourself a GRAV! A spring-loaded case stays secure when you need it to, but pops open with a flick, so there’s no awkward digging trying to fish out the matching one hitter. Easy to fill, pack, and clean, this handy dugout is the one to pocket before heading out to enjoy some frightful festivities.

Perilous Pipes
Thanks to myriad independent crafters specializing in doing awesome stuff with glass, it’s never been easier to pick up a creeptastic piece for every brand of spooky. Want to smoke something skunky out of a skull? Try this sinister Glass Skull Smoking Pipe. Order up a Red Devil Glass Pipe and have a date with Devil and his infamous lettuce!

Dabs Of The Dead
Each of these dab rigs come with a combustion bowl for burning dry herb, so they serve double duty right off the bat. (Pro tip: most dab rigs can be used as bongs, and vice versa; you just need the right hardware for vaporizing vs. smoking). Adorably designed with awesome glow in the dark details, these unique glass pieces are ideal for whatever you’re hitting this Halloween. Groove on the Ghost Rig. Come to life with the Dankenstein Bong. Or cook up something in the lab with a Spooky Beaker.

Mummyjuana Shirt
You don’t need a full costume to be festive, just pick a shirt that’ll make your mummy proud! Featuring a favorite horror classic who almost certainly rolls his own, this updated redesign of the original reacts under a UV light, and glows in the dark for extra spookiness. This design is printed by hand on printed 100% Ring Spun Soft Cotton that’s so comfortable, you might just want to wear it every holiday.

Cannabinthusiast | Let’s Get the Halloweed Party Started... | Mummyjuana Shirt

Pumpkin Highlux Grinder
Add to your seasonal decor with a pumpkin truly worthy of being called “The Great”. Simultaneously eye-catching and discreet, the geometric, modern slate and copper colored design will fit right in with the rest of your festive fall decor. The top features four magnets for a secure hold, a removable metal plate to hide the main chamber, and contains a built-in funnel. Get every last bit out of your grinder thanks to a special FDA approved coating to prevent sticking, and Highlux even throws in a cleaning kit to keep your pumpkin sparkling. Perfect for having a gourd time this Halloween!

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