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Medical Marijuana review: Lilac Diesel

The sort of high that anyone who’s been smoking for any amount of time chases

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Medical Marijuana review: Citral Glue

These sorts of highs always send me into the world of Tolkein

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Medical Marijuana review: Blue Chem Cookies

The walk and the high went hand in hand to create a lovely afternoon

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TV review: “NOVA: The Cannabis Question”

PBS’ long-running science series “NOVA” is a staple of public television. It has been in regular production for almost a half a century, is seen in more than 100 countries, and it is rapidly approaching 1,000 episodes. It is surely one of the most respected scientific infotainment brands, and if “NOVA”…

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Medical Marijuana review: Military Chocolate

I would hazard a guess that this would be great stuff for folks with anxiety

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Product review: DynaVap

Here at the Cannabinthusiast offices we do tend to keep things simple: a waterpipe is still one of our most used methods for enjoying the pot. However, Boss Man who runs the joint (pun possibly intentional) is always trying out new gizmos and gadgets and about six months ago he handed…

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Medical Marijuana review: Mo Rockin’ Kush

Mo Rockin’ chilled me out nicely and made the next couple hours go exceptionally well

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The Secret Shame of My Pot Smoking Life

Enjoying the ganja has been one of the great privileges of my life. For over thirty years it has gotten me through good times and bad. It’s been a soothing companion when nobody else was there. It’s made the times when everyone else was there a hell of a lot more…

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