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Retro Movie Review: A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas

Is it a good Christmas movie and do we get plenty of marijuana gags? The answer to both is yes!

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TV review: “Weed the People”

Netflix’s 2018 documentary “Weed the People” has the power to stir a number of emotions: sadness, anger, and joy leap immediately to mind. The spell it cast on me wasn’t apparent until its final moments, when my eyes welled up with tears resulting from a combination of all three aforementioned emotions.…

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TV review: “NOVA: The Cannabis Question”

PBS’ long-running science series “NOVA” is a staple of public television. It has been in regular production for almost a half a century, is seen in more than 100 countries, and it is rapidly approaching 1,000 episodes. It is surely one of the most respected scientific infotainment brands, and if “NOVA”…

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TV review: “Cooked with Cannabis”

If you’ve ever perused the hundreds or even thousands of series on Netflix and wondered how easy it might be to get a program greenlit on their streaming service, “Cooked with Cannabis” may hold the answer. The pitch simply had to have been “‘Top Chef’ with weed,” at which point the…

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TV review: “Weed 6” with Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Marijuana and Autism

Perhaps no other mainstream figure has been as important an advocate for the compassionate medical applications of cannabis as Dr. Sanjay Gupta. Once an opponent to the movement, Gupta not only eventually did an about face, but he’s dedicated a great deal of time and energy to spreading the word, most…

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