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Medical Marijuana review: Black Cherry OG

A great strain for those that need chill and calm

Cannabinthusiast | Medical Marijuana review: Black Cherry OG - On the Beach

It’s been a while since a strain so thoroughly knocked me on my ass, but Black Cherry OG did the trick. I DynaVaped a capful before heading out on foot to the drugstore, and as I made my way down the steet, I could feel it kicking in. This was Indica with a capital I. Once I got down there, I made my purchases and engaged in some banter with the woman behind the counter before heading out. About halfway home, I realized – as my cannabis-addled brain did its mental aerobics – that the hair color I’d purchased was a shade too light. Conundrum: Head home (which was looking mighty appealing at this point) or go back and trade it out (which was not). Against my better judgment, I went back to the pharmacy.

I thought the switch would be simple: same product, same price, only one shade darker. When I got up to the counter, I discovered that the original purchase had to be refunded to my card and I had to buy the new product separately. This is absurd. This is needless bureaucracy. I railed at the woman, while simultaneously explaining that I understood it was not her fault. I probably would have done the same thing sober, but there’s always something about being high that takes a circumstance like this to another more intense level in my head.

Either the walk, or the needless expenditure of energy over the return or the Black Cherry OG (probably all of them together) led to me falling into my sofa upon returning home – no music, no TV, no films – and just sitting there for well over an hour. “In da couch,” as they say. I was so stoned I couldn’t and didn’t want to move or do anything. Didn’t even reach for my phone. This is a deep, heady and heavy body high that left me feeling peaceful and calm, without any need for anything besides the high.

A second session with Black Cherry led to an immediate nap. Once I woke up rested, I smoked another bowl of it. This was a great test as I was in no danger of falling asleep. The alertness and the effects of the Black Cherry led to a fantastic, chill high that I pleasantly worked through while watching an episode of “Planet Sex with Cara Delevingne” on Hulu. (Lovely documentary series; everyone should watch it, though not specifically while they’re high.) This strikes me as a great strain for those that need chill and calm. I kept with it throughout an evening and really came to appreciate it, as my body adjusted to its laid-back charms. Over the long haul, I don’t necessarily think this will kick your ass repeatedly, rather, it’ll get the job done as you need it to, assuming that job is to calm you down and take you to a happy place and away from the stresses of the day.

Black Cherry OG is an Indica strain. Its primary terpene is Caryophyllene, but also sports Limonene and Humulene.

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