Medical Marijuana review: Black Jack

The sounds of the world that we routinely tune out were center stage and the primary focus of my senses

Often I tend to fall back on “this strain went straight to my head.” I am aware of this and always striving to find new ways of saying similar things over and over. After smoking a bowl from my bubbler, Black Jack went straight to my head, but in an unusual manner: it kicked off a noticeable ringing in my ears, that even 15 minutes after the hit was still there. It wasn’t terribly obtrusive and certainly not disorienting, but it was there, and I was acutely aware of it. The aural sensations aside, the rest of my hour and change with Black Jack was fairly unobtrusive.

A couple days later I tried again, only this time with the DynaVap, but rather than sitting around a silent house, I went for a walk, and immediately again noticed Black Jack’s effects on my sense of hearing. Sounds stood out above all else: the roar of airplanes flying overhead; the pleasant rustle of leaves scuffling across the pavement; traffic signals talking at me authoritatively, “WAIT! WAIT!”; a dog barking in the distance (I assume at a fearless squirrel, which are ubiquitous this season); the evil that is the leafblower (also all too often ubiquitous); and at one point the unmistakable sound of the two halves of a ladder clanging up against one another as it’s either being opened or closed. These sounds of the world that we either take for granted or routinely tune out were all aurally center stage and the primary focus of my senses.

The longer I walked, the more I noticed the relaxing Black Jack high. At one point I sat down for a breather, and a man and his dog sat down nearby. He started to chat me up with small talk. It’s always in moments like these one realizes exactly how stoned they are, and I was “so stoned I couldn’t for the life of me make conversation.” Also, “so stoned I couldn’t even bring myself to pet his dog.” All of this of course led to paranoia over him thinking I was some sort of snob. I kind of sat there, slack-jawed, nodding with everything he said, eventually taking refuge in the currently changing weather. The temperature literally dropped 10 degrees during the hour I was out and about, and I exited on the lamest of all lines, “Better head out before this gets worse!”

American Horror Story to someone too stoned

It had been a couple weeks since I’d last used Dynavap, as I’ve been using the bubbler to test out a product for the site. While my two experiences with Black Jack were similar to a degree, the second time after vaping felt so much more immersive. Could be the effect of vaping? Or maybe just because I was out and about in an environment that wasn’t the familiarity of my home? Beyond how its use affected me, what the DynaVap definitely yielded that the smoking didn’t was Black Jack’s sweetly earthy scent. This one is real pleasant to inhale. A late in the game assessment: after raving about the way Black Jack affected my hearing, I am sad to report it wasn’t an especially noteworthy strain to listen to music on.

Black Jack is a Hybrid strain leaning toward Indica. Its terpene profile includes Terpinolene, Caryophyllene, Myrcene and Pinene.

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