Medical Marijuana review: Blue Chem Cookies

The walk and the high went hand in hand to create a lovely afternoon

My experience with this strain came on the heels of several days of dark, cold weather coupled with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Needless to say, I was in a melancholy, anxious headspace when I tried it for the first time. But it was a Sunday afternoon, and the nasty, depressing climate had given way to a beautiful, sunny afternoon. Things were already looking up as I headed out to get some exercise for the first time in five days.

Blue Chem Cookies gave me a steady, heady high, that admittedly at first I wasn’t sure about, but I think that was just some anxiety ratcheting up. A few songs into my walking mix I was hit by one of the most sweeping, anthemic pop songs ever written, “Midnight Radio” from the “Hedwig” soundtrack, and suddenly everything seemed as bright as it had ever been. The walk and the high went hand in hand to create a lovely afternoon that found me feeling adventurous enough to hit a small trail I’d never tried before.

In the midst of the walk I received a business call that I took and was perfectly lucid through. There was a lot of back and forth between me and the other party, and I was never so stoned that I got lost or needed something repeated to me. This was just a nice, sweet high that was pretty much an ideal guide for a sunny afternoon. The name – Blue Chem Cookies – is a little weird, like something created in a lab, which as a hybrid, I suppose it is. But I would suggest Sunny Afternoon as a perfectly wonderful and more descriptive alternative.

Blue Chem Cookies is a hybrid strain leaning toward Indica. We have been unable to find information on its terpene profile(s).

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