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Medical Marijuana review: Chiesel

I watch a lot of "Jeopardy!" totally stoned, but with Chiesel I found myself answering clues before the contestants

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One of the first things I noticed about Chiesel was that it didn’t impair my ability to focus. When you find a strain that accomplishes this feat, you take note of it. I first noticed it while I was watching “Jeopardy!” Almost without fail, I watch one episode of “Jeopardy!” each day (reruns on the weekends), typically with dinner. Because I don’t routinely make it a point to get baked before I eat, often my daily trivia test is viewed sober. For some reason, the first time I vaped Chiesel was before sitting down for the ritual. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve watched a lot of “Jeopardy!” totally stoned, and nearly always there hits a point (or three) during the game in which I get distracted, zone out and miss half a dozen clues in a row. Now, not only did that not happen with Chiesel, but I frequently found myself answering clues before the contestants. That is some fancy grass right there. To see if it was a fluke, I tried it one more time with the game show and the results were comparably similar.

So, the alleged big “drawback” of cannabis – the one we get made fun of the most for – is its ability to often make us a little sluggish or distracted. The word “stoned” didn’t come to describe our highs by coincidence. Chiesel, at least for me, seems to be sort of the opposite of that. I feel like if I set out to accomplish a task that requires some attention (say, like writing a cannabis review…) and can do it after having imbibed a strain, then that is most certainly worthy of mention. And so I did, and it is.

Chiesel also zeros in on and takes hold of the aural receptors…I mean ears. After DynaVaping a capful, I stood out in my front yard and just listened: The helicopter flying overhead gave me a brief flashback to a coked-up Henry Hill. Teenagers practicing football across the street at the high school are a uniquely fall vibe (with little sign of autumn on the horizon, I have to work with what I’m given). An airplane roar filled my ears at one point. All of these sounds helped me do brief nostalgia dives – the sort of thing that you swim around in just long enough to get a little wet. Then I came in and wrote while listening to the sweet sounds of one of the most underrated bands in the history of pop music, the Bangles. Not enough of the right people have given the Bangles their due credit. Whenever and wherever the greatest bands are spoken of, the Bangles should always be a part of the conversation, but that doesn’t happen enough, and I think it might be because they’re women.

That all of The Bangles awards and nominations can be displayed in one crummy little Wikipedia block is a travesty

Chiesel is an excellent high and one that, at least in this moment, is reminding me why I love the potential of cannabis above all the other medicines: Because it can stimulate the brain and get me thinking. Cannabis often gets a bum rap, often said to make people “stupid,” which the stoner knows is much different than stoned. In my experience, both firsthand and witnessed, that has not often been a common side effect of cannabis, and a strain like Chiesel goes a long way toward countering that phony, straw man accusation.

Chiesel is a hybrid strain leaning toward Sativa. Its dominant terpene is one of my faves, Caryophyllene.

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