Medical Marijuana review: Citral Glue

These sorts of highs always send me into the world of Tolkein

The first thing I noticed about Citral Glue was its smell, which is especially sweet after vaping. This lives up to the “citral” moniker by smelling pepperminty and gorgeous. It smells so much like a fine incense that almost immediately I wanted to vape more just to inhale its earthy, sexy scent.

Now I wasn’t in the best frame of mind the first time I tried Citral Glue, and while it didn’t send me to some higher plane, it did manage to even me out. Smooth is the word that kept running through my head, and even moderately uneventful; just a good high, but nothing to yell about from a rooftop. But there is a time and place for that kind of high, and in hindsight it was probably the best thing for me.

A few days later I made an impromptu walking date with Citral, and the results were far more revealing. It is worth saying upfront that I was in a much better frame of mind this go round, which really is a testament to how much a mindset can influence our high. It oddly took about 10 minutes to fully hit, but once it did, we became as one. As I listened to the latest Tears for Fears album, “The Tipping Point” (a record I have listened to often over the past two weeks, and often stoned, too), the music really grabbed hold of me and we did this lovely mental dance, like you do in some of the very best stoned moments. Euphoric – I experienced a euphoric high this afternoon after I vaped Citral Glue.

One thing that really stood out was the foliage. The greens of the world took on an almost enveloping sort of vibe. They were just everywhere. I always know I’m having a good high when I take note of something remarkable in nature. This was such an occasion. These sorts of highs always send me into the world of Tolkein; they’re very much LOTR highs, or perhaps Shire highs. Citral Glue is a seductive arena to spend time in.

Later on at home, Citral gave me the serious munchies, which I satiated with some 12-grain bread and honey. Then I sat down and wrote the words you are reading now. As the high wore off I did find myself feeling pretty sleepy, which I recovered from by vaping some more Citral Glue and watching a k.d. lang concert video.

Citral Glue is a hybrid strain leaning heavily toward Sativa. Its dominant terpene profile is Caryophyllene.

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