Medical Marijuana review: Gelato #42

The first couple times I did Gelato #42, it was a blast

Cannabinthusiast | Medical Marijuana Review: Gelato #42

After my (by cannabis standards) disastrous encounters with Georgia Pie, I was concerned. Have I been smoking too much lately? Why did I have such a negative reaction to that strain? Was it me? Was it the Pie? I was genuinely paranoid that I’d crossed some kind of pot threshold where it wouldn’t work for me anymore. A laughable notion? Everyone knows somebody who claims this happened to them.

Despite the possible shout-out to one of my favorite writers, it was with some amount of trepidation that I first tried Gelato #42…and instantly my worries were eased. Gelato #42’s effects were the polar opposite of the Pie. Now, the first two times I courted Gelato were a couple weeks back – both times with the intention of writing about it immediately after. Real life and a week-long out of town trip intervened, and I’ve since forgotten the details of those highs, just that they were incredibly uplifting.

Dipped into the Gelato again this afternoon, and it was a noticeably different high than from two weeks back…but then my frame of mind was much different, too. It had been a difficult week away, for numerous reasons not worth going into. Needless to say, even gearing up for a walk with Gelato felt like a chore. As I moved through the humidity and overcast skies (which have contributed to a current mental state of malaise), I noticed that I was slowly chilling. To me, in this moment, that felt like a win, as my anxiety has been off the charts as of late. The jaunt felt like a pretty standard high, though. Nothing mind-blowing, but then between my mood and lackluster weather, there were a number of factors working against a positive frame of mind. And none of the tunes on my Songs Your Children Don’t Know playlist were gelling with the Gelato. It’s funny how cannabis can work with music…or it can work against it, leaving you dissatisfied and impatient for the next tune.

So, I came home to write up this strain, and after putting down the first two paragraphs, it seemed like a good time to hit the Gelato via the DynaVap once more time. This second high of the day was more uplifting, but for whatever reason, I was not quite getting back to that initial Gelato high from a couple weeks ago (the chasing of a great high happens with more strains than most stoners are comfortable admitting). But I still recommend Gelato as I’m willing to concede there’s a lot rumbling around in my head these days, and my mood is as much at play here as anything else. Remember, the first couple times I did Gelato #42, it was a blast.

Gelato #42 is an equally balanced Hybrid. Its primary terpene is Caryophyllene.

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