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Medical Marijuana review: Georgia Pie

It dragged me deep down into a sluggish stupor and even left me with a bit of a pot hangover

Cannabinthusiast | Medical Marijuana Review: Georgia Pie

A little trade secret: Beyond its name, I don’t like to know much about a strain before trying it, as I don’t want to be influenced by others’ perceptions, be they those of other writers or those of the growers. So, a strain like Georgia Pie throws me for a loop, because my experience doesn’t quite match up with what I eventually found out some other folks have said about it. Some even claim it smells fruity like pie and I didn’t get that at all. DynaVaping Georgia Pie, I got a heavy whiff of pine…so piney that even saying it smells like Pine-Sol doesn’t seem out of line. Mrs. Fareye wouldn’t go so far as to say piney, but she did say foresty and earthy, which are in the same arena at least. But neither of us smelled anything sweet.

Truth is, Georgia Pie, despite having such an appealing name, is not a strain that jived with me. I tried it before a couple different afternoon walks, and while it at first seemed agreeable enough, eventually the indica heaviness of it was not at all to my liking. It dragged me down, deep down into a sluggish stupor and even left me with a bit of a pot hangover. While I have, in my time writing for Cannabinthusiast, found numerous indica leaning strains that really, really worked for me, this was not one of them, and it’s actually been a while since I last had a strain that was such a turn off. One thing I noticed both times is that the “high” didn’t last long – maybe a half hour or 45 minutes. Don’t ask me to explain how a strain can be simultaneously weak and hangover inducing, because I don’t have that answer.

Those who lean toward indicas should not be put off by my non-recommendation. What doesn’t work for me, may work splendidly for you. But if like me you lean toward the sativa end of the spectrum, might be best to avoid this one. One thing I feel safe in declaring: Georgia Pie would be great for getting some sleep on, and I suspect it would be equally good at combating anxiety.

Georgia Pie is a Hybrid strain leaning toward Indica. Its primary terpene is Ocimene, which isn’t one we see a whole lot of around here at Cannabinthusiast, but I may be keeping an eye out for it in future as a terpene to avoid. I did recently mention it in my enthusiastic review of Medellin, but that strain was working with a grab bag of terpenes.

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