Medical Marijuana review: Ghost OG

While stoned and happy, I came upon a house with the sign of my preferred gubernatorial candidate in the front yard.

It’s partly by chance that in the month of October we’re reviewing a strain called Ghost OG, because I dipped into my tin of sample strains without agenda. Trying to find something that looked good by name, the third one I laid my hand on was Ghost OG, and as soon as I saw that name, it was destined for an October review. Perhaps I am easily influenced by strain names, but I found the scent of Ghost OG to be decidedly…autumnal? Is that even possible? Perhaps a hint of pumpkin spice? I’m stoned on Ghost OG right now as I type and a yearning for a classic autumn is clearly getting to me. In any case, Ghost OG is real pleasant on the sniffer.

Ghost OG is a strain that went straight to my head. The first time I vaped it was before heading out for a walk. Within seconds I was in the midst of a heavy, heady yet altogether delightful high. While stoned and happy, I came upon a house with the sign of my preferred gubernatorial candidate in the front yard. There are many reasons why I support this candidate against my current governor, but as it pertains to Cannabinthusiast, he is the only one of the two that is for across-the-board legalization. Right as I spied the political sign, someone pulled into the driveway. I waited until the driver got out of the car before saying, “Thank you so much for putting up that ______ ______ sign!” She looked at me incredulously. “Are you being serious or sarcastic?” Her entire body seemingly tensed up. Well of course it did: I’m a middle-aged white guy with facial hair. For a lot of women in this country, we’re scary right now, and understandably so. Too many of us are not standing up for their bodily autonomy.

Ghost OG

As soon as I assessed the situation, I did my best – stoned as I was – to assure her I was an ally. Flailing my arms, I said “100%. I’m being totally sincere.” (Which seems so lame in hindsight, but it’s not like we carry cards.) She relaxed a bit as I explained that I had just put the same sign up in our yard the day before. This led to a fairly lengthy back and forth between the two of us – she standing outside her car in the driveway and me jabbering from the street; I did not dare get any closer or go on her property uninvited. We commiserated about the seemingly dire state of things and hoped for a better future. Looking back, I feel as though I was very animated – dancing almost, but hopefully not in any kind of off-putting way. This leads me to think that Ghost OG gives a nice body high, too, which is not something I often stop to consider.

Meeting someone for the first time when you are utterly baked is always a bizarre experience, and this was one for the books (or at the very least, for Cannabinthusiast). Ghost OG is an easy recommendation for the person looking for a sweet, uplifting high that won’t trash your thinking and verbal skills. At least I hope mine weren’t trashed. Only that woman – Cathy was her name – knows for sure.

Ghost OG is hybrid leaning toward Indica. Its dominant terpene is Myrcene.

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