Medical Marijuana review: Lemon Icing

I glanced over at the digital prices lined atop one another on the machine and it all looked like alien hieroglyphics

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Lemon Icing is a bit of an anomaly as hybrid strains go. It boasts a 90% Sativa ratio, the likes of which I don’t believe we’ve yet reviewed here at Cannabinthusiast.

The second noteworthy aspect of Lemon Icing is its scent, which Mrs. Fareye noticed from all the way across the dining room as I was grinding up a bud. “Pungent!” she declared. Hadn’t even lit up and it was already stinking up the house. “A faint mixture of lemon peel and pine…though mostly just really good pot,” Mrs. Fareye – whose nose works much better than mine – settled on as a description.

From here on out, we’re doing a rerun of sorts in this space. As with Planet of the Grapes, I vaped and smoked it (as if this is my new normal or something) and walked down the street to CVS and Natural Grocers to buy wine for Mrs. F., eggs and chocolate (but not the Military kind). Again, it has been in the 100s in my hood since well before summer officially started. It is debilitating to my psyche and my social life and life, period. Going out into it on foot, cannabis is the one thing making these essential trips bearable. I live less than two blocks from these businesses, and so the walk is not long and yet the heat is so extreme it has the power to make my skin itch. Even being out in it for mere minutes feels like what I imagine the very first seconds of Paul Atreides putting his hand into the Bene Gesserit box must have felt like – that tingling, not long before his hand seemingly bursts into flames.

As I lazily bounced down the street – and I did feel a definite stoner bounce in my gait – I realized how high I was. It was one of those highs where you decide to stop and take a look around (cue Mick Jagger? No! No nervous breakdown here…) and just really imbibe in the world around you. What a great high that is to have. At the grocers there was a point as I wandered through the store that it hit me hard that I was deeply, heavily stoned. At the register, as I was being checked out, I glanced over at the digital prices lined atop one another on the machine and it all looked like alien hieroglyphics. There was nary a number in sight. I was so high I was not able to read numbers.

I often go on and on about my love for Sativa-leaning strains, yet after several more sessions with it, I wouldn’t immediately place Lemon Icing onto my “best of” list. It is very good, but not necessarily an essential favorite. Perhaps most interestingly, it has made me, in a broader sense, appreciate the science behind the creation of hybrid strains.

Lemon Icing’s terpene profile includes Terpinolene, Caryophyllene, Limonene and Myrcene.

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