Medical Marijuana review: Lilac Diesel

The sort of high that anyone who’s been smoking for any amount of time chases

This strain of cannabis gave me an immediately gorgeous high. It was the sort of high that anyone who’s been smoking for any amount of time chases. I felt lifted up and happy and the future seemed bright. I went on a walk that was akin to a journey to see Oz the Great and Powerful. Everything within my eyesight took on a surreal sheen, as though I was looking at the world through a ViewMaster.

Later I came home to have in intense discussion with my wife, which I was able to navigate, so it didn’t put me into a complete stupor. Afterwards, I ate some lunch which didn’t taste any different than usual and then totally crashed out into a deep, trancelike sleep for about 90 minutes. This was all off of one vaped puff.

A couple hours later I took a second puff and went for another walk. The effects were not as vivid which is unsurprising for a second dose, but still fairly intense all the same. At one point, I absentmindedly took a wrong turn on a route I’ve taken dozens of times and didn’t even realize I’d done so for quite a while. Lilac Diesel is a strong strain that I would recommend for experienced users only.

Lilac Diesel is a hybrid strain, leaning toward Sativa. Its dominant terpene profile is Terpinolene.

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