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Medical Marijuana review: Lumpy Space Princess

LSP was better when enjoyed with music rather than visual media

Cannabinthusiast | Medical Marijuana Review: Lumpy Space Princess

Named after a popular cartoon character, Lumpy Space Princess earns its moniker by being a little spacey and most definitely animated. After vaping some of this celestial royalty, I went out for a most delightful early afternoon walk with my own princess, and the hour and change could not possibly have been more ideal. I was totally into her groove, and we chatted away about any number of topics for the hour we strolled. We dipped into our local health grocery store to pick a few essentials and I had a blast shopping the aisles of a store we know like the back of our hand. Truly adventurous, Lumpy made me feel.

When we got back home, still buzzing I happily whipped up a late breakfast of eggs, potatoes, vegan chorizo and guacamole. The task at hand was second nature to focus on and prepare. After that, I settled down for an episode of the killer FX series “Atlanta,” in which the always compelling Lakeith Stanfield spent the entire half hour dazed and amused, navigating the city of Amsterdam. And I sort of did.

Though “Atlanta” is always an incredible watch, I did find my mind wandering here and there. The Space Princess seemingly wants you to roam; she is, after all, named after a character on a series called “Adventure Time.” After I vaped a follow-up dose, I suspected and was proven correct that LSP was better when enjoyed with music rather than visual media. Handel’s “Water Music” followed by the Vangelis classic “Opera Sauvage” were the two pieces I listened to as I hammered out this weed review, while my wife read in our music room.

The name may be a bit odd, but Lumpy Space Princess provided me with the best high I’ve had in a week. Looks like she’ll be a companion watching the Oscars tonight.

Lumpy Space Princess is a hybrid strain, leaning toward Sativa. Her dominant terpene profile is Linolene. Other terpenes present in LSP include Myrcene and Caryophyllene.

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