Medical Marijuana review: Mandarin Cookies

Normally I don’t mention how a strain smells or tastes, but I have to point out that this did smell and taste like cookies at first! The high took hold pretty quickly, and I felt as though I was bouncing like a bubble down the sidewalk. It really got me high in the truest, best sense of the word. Music can play an important role in your high, and if music moves you emotionally, so will it dictate your high. Red House Painters’ “Have You Forgotten?,” a dreary, melancholy tune, came on my headphones, which had me exploring times and people long since gone from my life. I started to get nostalgically despondent. My high started to concern me. But once that song ended and Toto’s “Rosanna” came on I was instantly jolted back to a better place.

Part of the way through this afternoon bounce of a walk, I realized I had lost something – my reader glasses. I looked everywhere repeatedly, including beneath the sunglasses on my face. Alas, they were gone. This began to consume me – not because I lost them, but because I was ABLE to lose them. It’s not like me to get stoned and careless, and I hate it when that sort of thing happens. I eventually began to insist to myself that maybe I hadn’t actually taken them with me in the first place, but had instead left them at home. No, when I got home they were nowhere to be found. I bring all of this up to explain how spaced Mandarin Cookies made me.

So yeah, the Mandarin Cookies may just hit you hard, but if you’re receptive to its charms, I highly recommend this strain.

Mandarin Cookies is a hybrid strain with a dominant terpene profile of Limonene.

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