Medical Marijuana review: Mandarin Zkittles

Took several puffs of Mandarin Zkittles before going for a walk. Going for a walk is always a great test for a new strain for me. It may not be for you; your mileage may vary and I live in a relatively quiet neighborhood which is conducive for walking. It gets me out of the usual surroundings of my home, and into a world where the unexpected could happen. Mandarin Zkittles was a heady, perhaps even intellectual or creative high. I was alone for the next hour so I couldn’t 100% put it to the test, but it seemed like the sort of high that could lead to great conversations. The few texts I sent during the hour seemed better thought out than usual. It helped to paint a vivid picture of the world outside, without ever inducing any sort of hallucinations or distortions. I didn’t feel especially tired as I came down, which is always a plus. A very nice, clean high.

On a separate occasion, late at night, I vaped some Zkittles before sitting down to watch trippy sci-fi series “Fringe.” Once again a heady high, but this time it earned the word stoned. Yet never so much so I couldn’t pay precise attention to the TV series. After about an hour I found that it made me lethargic and ready for bed. But this was around my bedtime anyway, so perhaps that was not unexpected.

Mandarin Zkittles is a hybrid strain and its dominant terpene profile is Pinene.

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