Medical Marijuana review: Medellin

Good for making conversation or at the very least rambling at someone

My first experience with Medellin was so unmemorable that, well, I don’t even remember it. The second was mere moments ago, after smoking it through a brand-new bubbler. I rely so much on vaping for reviews that the beauty of a waterpipe or bubbler is easy to forget, and nothing can make a new strain stand out more than using a clean piece of glass. (Except maybe vaping…)

Medellin went straight to my head, giving me an almost speedy, jittery vibe. This seems like the sort of strain that would be good for making conversation or at the very least for rambling at someone. I had to send a text while very high on this, and you have to understand, I am a bumbling texter at best. While quickly composing this one, I only made one typo which was easily fixed. Believe me, that’s a win. You cannot believe how long it normally takes me to text. It’s embarrassing. I always picture folks on the other end looking at the three dots….waiting…waiting… One friend speaks loudly and clearly, and as such does very well with voice to text. Try efficiently replying to someone who voice texts. It’s absurd.

You can find “Hypnotized” on the 1973 album “Mystery to Me”

One of my most treasured, desert island songs is Fleetwood Mac’s “Hypnotized,” written by Bob Welch and predating Lindsey and Stevie’s arrival by a couple years. It is also, in my estimation, one of the greatest recordings ever made to get high and listen to. Today I learned The Pointer Sisters covered it in 1978. While stoned on Medellin I listened to this “new” version of this song I’ve heard hundreds of times and only ever heard performed by the Mac. Medellin put me in the perfect frame of mind to be receptive and after two listens I was totally down with this new-to-me version by Ruth, Anita and June. Groove and funk and slick production and serious Pointer pipes all combine to make a totally respectable cover tune. And Medellin absolutely helped get me there. This is an excellent strain to listen to music on, to be social through. Uplifting and anxiety-reducing, Medellin is top notch.

I played around with Medellin a couple more times after this and I really think this strain is not for amateurs. This is an intense strain. Once I tried it while very tired and it was not a great experience. My body wanted rest, but Medellin wanted me up and moving. It was not much fun with the two forces pushing and pulling against one another.

Medellin is a Hybrid strain that is said to be Indica dominant, which I never would have guessed based on my experiences. It apparently has quite the dazzling terpene profile including Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Humulene, Limonene, Pinene, Linalool, Terpinolene and Ocimene – a terpene we’ve never even named here at Cannabinthusiast before.

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