Medical Marijuana review: Member Berry

Member Berry sent me into a sweet, heavy high that quickly shifted into a string of racing, creative thinking

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Christmas really got to me this year, and not in such a good way. This is sad for any number of reasons, but mostly because we had that rare cold, cold Christmas, which I often yearn for and never get. Then the year I do get it, I’m not in the mood. Welcome to my brain! In any case, Boxing Day was MOST welcome this year and on this day after Christmas, the temps warmed up enough for me to try a new strain and take a leisurely jaunt down to the park and back.

Member Berry is a pleasant, undemanding high that worked hand in hand with my already improving mood. It lifted me up on this bright, sunny-yet slightly chilled day, enough so that my Burt Bacharach tunes really grabbed me as I wandered through the streets. I did feel as though the high decreased enough after an hour that it certainly would have been nice to have some on me, which I did not and rarely do.

By the time I got back home to write this review, I was ready for more before I sat down to the keyboard. I’m not sure this was such a wise move, as the words are not coming as quickly as I’d have liked. Perhaps Member Berry packs more of an indica punch than I initially thought. Even as I type these words, my feeling is that couch would be a preferable place at the moment.

After learning that a dominant Member Berry terpene is caryophyllene, I was mildly puzzled by some of my initial responses to it; simply, I expect a little more from caryophyllene-dominant strains. So, fast forward through the stressful holidays to the 3rd of January, and I gave the Berry another spin, this time via a DynaVap capful followed immediately by smoking a half a bowl through my glass piece. The results on my 70-minute walk were noticeably different. I was energized and revved up by Member Berry, and it sent me into a sweet, heavy high that quickly shifted into a string of racing, creative thinking; at least one idea I came up with will most definitely get used. The high lasted until well after the walk was over and I came home and immediately started typing. I’ve still got a good buzz now, over 90 minutes after imbibing. No lag, no feeling tired, and still feeling moderately jazzed and creative.

It’s anyone’s guess why my two reactions to Member Berry were so different, but certainly one obvious factor is that I imbibed more on the second rodeo. Maybe I just didn’t have enough the first time? In any case, I’m signing off on Member Berry as a solid strain worth trying out for folks who prefer their high to be sativa-leaning, even though the strain supposedly leans indica. Apparently, Member Berry is beloved enough by Messrs. Parker and Stone that it inspired an elaborate “South Park” gag.

Member Berry is a Hybrid strain leaning toward Indica, supposedly. In addition to Caryophyllene, its terpene profile also includes Myrcene and Limonene.

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