Medical Marijuana review: Military Chocolate

I would hazard a guess that this would be great stuff for folks with anxiety

It was a cool, overcast afternoon when I first sampled Military Chocolate, which would be an utterly absurd name for much of anything except a PornHub category if not for the fact that it did indeed smell pretty chocolatey. This particular sweet mid-April afternoon came after weeks of hot and sunny, so it was most welcome, and I was eager to get out into it while high on an untested strain.

As Mrs. Fareye and I walked past the high school, I noticed some students looking unusually edgy – these kids were ready for the interminable school year to end. I hooked into their groove and was transported back to high school near the end of the school year when I was their age. I remember this feeling only too well. Mrs. Fareye said to them, dotted around the bed of a pickup truck as they were, “I bet you’re ready for school to end!” Like so many young people today they had absolutely no idea how to respond, so instead they said nothing. We had a good laugh about that as we moved on.

The high stuck with me for a number of hours, and I did feel a bit draggy as time wore on. I could easily have laid down for a nap if there hadn’t been things that needed doing. Despite being slightly drowsy, I was able to get those things done, which included preparing dinner.

On a different occasion, I vaped some of this cocoa goodness (it really does smell like chocolate!) and went for a solo jaunt. This time the Indica root of this herb really kicked in as I headed to a post office well over a mile away. I wished I had stayed home. Not because this strain isn’t any good, but because I realized how much more I would’ve enjoyed the high if were home watching a movie or listening to a record.

But I moved ahead, and on my walk I heard a voice calling my name. Looking up, I spied my old neighbor and pal, Boney Bernsen. We hadn’t seen one another since the before times. Contrary to how I’d been feeling, I ended up being quite social. We’d been chatting for a while, catching up on life, when it dawned on me how high and happy I was. Hopefully I did not speak a load of gibberish.

Military Chocolate is a clean, smooth high. I tend to shy away from Indicas, but here’s one that I could enjoy on a regular basis. I would hazard a guess that this would be great stuff for folks with anxiety.

And also for folks who like chocolate.

Military Chocolate is a hybrid leaning toward Indica. Its primary terpene profile is Caryophyllene. Other terpenes present include Limonene and Linalool.

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