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Medical Marijuana review: Mimosa RBX

Not that there’s anything wrong with talking cannabis in front of a pre-teen, but it’s probably best supervised by parents and not their stoned-out-of-their-gourd friends

Cannabinthusiast | Medical Marijuana Review: Mimosa RBX

Almost immediately Mimosa RBX (the RBX stands for reverse back-cross) caused me to feel anxious and jittery. Normally sweet tunes and cannabis work like biscuits and gravy, but I was unable to settle on any song piping through my headphones as I walked. 30 seconds of one song, skip forward. 30 seconds of another, skip forward again. Rinse and repeat. Eventually I settled into a mildly passable groove.

As I strolled through the suburban neighborhood, I nearly walked into the path of a slow-moving vehicle. Much to my surprise, the vehicle was being driven by my friend Barry. He rolled down his window and I launched into some gibberish about how high I was and did he know that Medical Marijuana was made legal in Louisiana as of the first of the year? I thought this might be of interest to Barry, who hails from Louisiana. It was at the moment that he piped up, “Hey Ross! Do you remember my [16-year old] daughter Charlotte, who is in the back seat?”

Whoops! Not that there’s anything intrinsically wrong with talking about cannabis in front of a pre-teen, but it is something probably best supervised by parents and not their stoned-out-of-their-gourd friends. At this point, as Barry drove away, I turned off my tunes and just concentrated on the sunny day around me. (He texted me later, laughing, saying that Charlotte probably found it more funny than anything else, and “Please don’t let anything spoil the nice day you’re having.”)

But I bring all this up because it illustrates how little focus I had under the influence of Mimosa RBX. I nearly walked into a moving car and was unable to consider the larger world of people around me. I never felt 100% at home with this, although the effects did lessen somewhat as I walked. Eventually I was able to find some solace in a run of 80s music, but there is precious little in a Gen Xer’s altered state of mind that cannot be made marginally better by some classic New Wave.

Having said all of this, subsequent journeys with Mimosa RBX were not nearly so fraught with chaos. Oddly, much the opposite. They were fairly sedate, average highs; nothing at all like that first time. Often times it left me feeling drained and tired when the high wore off. It’s tempting to suggest my moods going into Mimosa played a big role in how the high affected me. Perhaps that initial crazy high had more to do with me than with Mimosa. Overall, I can’t say this is a strain that worked especially well for me, but given everything I’ve said, that doesn’t mean it won’t for you. Talk to your pharmacist and see what they have to say about Mimosa RBX.

Mimosa RBX is a hybrid strain with a dominant terpene profile of Myrcene.

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