Medical Marijuana review: Mo Rockin’ Kush

Mo Rockin’ chilled me out nicely and made the next couple hours go exceptionally well

Every once in a while you come across a strain that totally befuddles you, and you wonder why on earth anyone would ever want to use it, and if they did, what they’d use it for. Then you quickly remember what it is you’re doing here and that is to inform other cannabinthusiasts about your experiences with these strains, how they affect you and how they may affect others.

Often in these moments I also remember my mother, who has in recent years become quite the cannabinthusiast herself. I think of my mother because her entire approach to cannabis is completely different than my own. Mom uses it for two reasons and two reasons only: sleep and pain management. She has very little interest in the recreational aspect of cannabis. If Mom is out there doing it the way she does it, then there are others, and me trashing a strain does nobody any good.

Enter Mo Rockin’ Kush. Readers may envision me, hopefully through a haze of smoke, as someone surrounded by piles of product for review. The truth couldn’t be any further from that. In fact, for review purposes I typically get only a few nuggets of each strain. I try to figure out a way to make an event out of each, so I have a story to tell to go along with it. In the case of Mo Rockin’, however, I was given substantially more than normal – enough so that I could incorporate it into my daily cannabis routine, and really get more of a sense of what it’s about over the long haul than I normally would from only getting a taste of a strain.

Yet I have no clever anecdotes to go along with Mo Rockin’ (Moroccan, get it?) Kush, unless you count, “Smoked some Mo Rockin’ and went to listen to a record and fell asleep” or “Vaped Mo Rockin’ and tried to watch an old film noir and fell asleep” or even “Tried again to enjoy some Mo Rockin’ with the intention of watching some TV but before I could do that I ended up falling asleep.” So there you have it: my experiences with Mo Rockin’ Kush were largely centered on being drowsy or sleepy. I certainly never wanted to socialize while I was on it, and it sapped me of a lot of my energy. Mo Rockin’ and I, it seemed, were like oil and water. My mother, I suspect, would groove with it nicely however.

Stop the presses!!!

After writing all of the above I decided to give Mo Rockin’ one more chance and on a pivotal night, no less. The composer Vangelis has long been an obsession of mine, and the day he died I immersed myself in his music. In the later hours of the evening I smoked some Mo Rockin’ and sat down to listen to more Vangelis records. For numerous reasons – not just the death of one of the greats – it had been an emotional day, so I was unusually wired. Mo Rockin’ chilled me out nicely and made the next couple hours go exceptionally well. Because I was so wired I was unable to get tired, and the Mo Rockin’, for the first time, was a genuinely pleasant experience – an easy high that asked for very little and allowed for the enjoyment of some meaningful, passionate music. Success, finally!

Mo Rockin’ Kush is a hybrid strain that purports to be evenly divided between Indica and Sativa. Its dominant terpene profile is Myrcene.

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