Medical Marijuana review: Morris Code

A vinyl listening session was interrupted by this Indica-leaning strain

Cannabinthusiast | Medical Marijuana review: Morris Code - Ross T Fareye

Morris Code is a strain that revved me up and had me ready to type (this review). Obviously, not all strains do that. Plenty make you want to stay as far away from the keyboard as possible. But no, not Morris Code…it had me jumping up from a vinyl listening session, compelling me to write.

From my recent trip to LA I brought back a few CDs and a vinyl copy of the soundtrack for “Terms of Endearment*,” which I picked up for $1.99 at a place called Poo-Bah Records. “Terms” is a movie I saw in the theatre at age 10 or 11. It was one of the first “adult” films I recall seeing as a kid (another being “On Golden Pond”), and the theme tune by a guy named Michael Gore (younger brother of Lesley “It’s My Party” Gore) is Top Ten movie music for me. A sweeping instrumental piece that starts quietly until reaching several crescendos, it was even popular enough to stay on the Billboard 100 for six weeks in 1984. Created at a very specific time and place, the tune stacks keyboards/synthesizers, guitar and piano on top of one another – the sort of combo that could really only come out of 1980something. It is perfection. It is what going to the movies is all about, or at least used to be.

Cannabinthusiast | Medical Marijuana review: Morris Code - Terms

So, I was listening to this bit of bliss on vinyl right after I smoked and vaped some Morris Code, my brain racing the entire time. It was intense enough that even though I wanted to get up and write, I had to lift the needle and listen one more time, because I knew it would be central to my review and so sweet to hear it again. But after that second listen, I headed directly to the keyboard (not the same kind used by Mr. Gore). Morris Code has me blasting out words while at the same time doing some Googling on this music. I feel highly energized, which I hope lasts, as I have to prepare a curry dinner in a few hours.

Fast forward an hour and change. There was never any sort of draggy come down from Morris Code, but dinner was approaching so I vaped one more DynaVap full of it to get a second wind so that I could whip up my chicken curry with sweet potatoes, which I easily did. Morris Code has a woodsy or perhaps even spicy scent. It was terribly pleasant on the ol’ olfactory system. It’s a strong, heady high, and I always felt alert and never especially sluggish or drowsy; certainly not a strain that adheres to the old “in-da-couch” joke.

Cannabinthusiast | Medical Marijuana review: Morris Code
The aforementioned curry dinner

Morris Code is a hybrid strain leaning toward Indica. Its terpene profile includes Caryophyllene, Humulene, and Myrcene.

*If you have never seen “Terms of Endearment,” you must. It was the fourth highest grossing film of 1983, behind a “Star Wars” movie and two James Bond pictures. It won the Oscar for Best Picture as well as four other awards, including statues for Shirley MacLaine and Jack Nicholson. Tragically, Michael Gore went home empty-handed.

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