Medical Marijuana review: Purple Sunset

Purple Sunset moved the little ticker in my brain a couple degrees over into the headspace I needed to occupy

Cannabinthusiast | Medical Marijuana Review: Purple Sunset

Having had a somewhat rocky relationship with my beloved medical marijuana over the past few weeks, I was delighted to partake in this strain that brought it home for me. I’d been struggling in the headspace department, going to bed earlier than usual but still waking up around the same time, feeling cranky and listless most days. A recent trip to Chicago was one I’d been looking forward to, not least as an excuse to visit a dispensary and sample out of town wares. It’s a bizarre, expansive thing the cannabis industry has become. Long ago, when we relied on dealers, we were given one choice. You bought what the man was selling and didn’t think twice. Now, there are hundreds of options at any given dispensary. In the Windy City I purchased a cartridge and a pack of gummies. Both recommended by a budtender based on the specifications I laid out to him. Neither set especially well with me (and with taxes totaled nearly $100!), and together they may have even contributed to my recent poor states of mind.

I’d been dragging something fierce for days now, as is evidenced by my recent review for Gelato #42. Purple Sunset was a game changer, as I DynaVaped a capful before heading out on foot to the post office to mail a package to a buddy in Hollywood. Almost immediately I felt my spirits and mood lift. The tunes coming through my headphones were just rocking me down the neighborhood streets. Champagne Supernova by Oasis in particular felt especially transcendental. That’s a song for the ages, cut from the same sort of cloth as Hotel California and Stairway to Heaven – an epic anthem with the power to hypnotize the listener into submission, yet has been played so much since its release, it’s lost a great deal of its power. Not today! I swooned over its sweeping yet volcanic progressions and a big reason for that was Purple Sunset.

Everything at the post office went well, but I did start to become aware of how high I really was. This strain had really gone to my head; a deep and pleasant high, working its magic up and down, from top to bottom. I found myself engaging and wanting to be talkative with the USPS employee that took my package. Next, I veered into the real world of traffic and commerce (as opposed to the comparatively emptier streets and parks I typically frequent on my walks). I watched an SUV roar into the oncoming space of a seemingly poor Black couple. The two gentlemen that hopped out of the SUV had to have been law enforcement of some kind, so I sat and watched from across the street should anything have gone awry. Nothing did and the couple was sent on their way.

Cannabinthusiast | Medical Marijuana Review: Purple Sunset - Bean and Cheese Tacos
There is surely no better stoner meal than a plate of tacos

Finally, I spied one of my favorite taco joints and knew what I wanted: three bean & cheese. I cannot guarantee Purple Sunset will give you the munchies, but evidently this strain led me to that plate of tacos, because that is just something I do not do on walks. But once I got the idea in my head, there was no turning back. Every stoner has been there – when you’re halfway through eating something you know you shouldn’t be, and you realize the sole reason you’re doing it is because you’ve lost all control over your ability to just put the bag of chips down.

Even when I was sober, Purple Sunset’s aftereffects were felt. It’s as though it moved the little ticker in my brain a couple degrees over into the headspace I needed to occupy. It energized and reinvigorated me. Hand on heart, 100% credit goes to Purple Sunset for dragging me out of the funk I’d been in for the past week.

Purple Sunset is a Hybrid strain leaning slightly toward Indica. Its primary terpene is Caryophyllene.

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