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Medical Marijuana review: Space Cadet OG

A great strain to get utterly lost in; recommended for indoor use especially

Cannabinthusiast | Medical Marijuana review: Space Cadet OG

The morning I first tried out Space Cadet OG was the same morning I forked over an enormous amount of income tax to the IRS – the largest amount I’ve ever paid in my life. I won’t say how much – it’s surely more than some people but maybe not nearly as much as others have to pay. But to me it was a lot of money and a serious sting. As I recently discussed, mornings are not typically my cannabis time, but after coming back from the tax accountant’s office I wanted to get well and truly baked on an untested strain, and the name Space Cadet immediately grabbed my attention because I needed to get lost.

Best laid plans of mice and men, they say. Yes, Space Cadet went straight to my head, but not quite in the way I’d hoped. It really sent my mind racing, and to be fair, these days my mind has got a lot to race about. This wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, and the irritation with our government from earlier may have exacerbated the mindset. But it didn’t have me bouncing or feeling like any particular weight had been lifted. I don’t think this would be a good strain to take if you’re looking to concentrate, get something accomplished, or listen to someone or something important. My bet is your mind will wander.

I pride myself on being able to write through most any strain, but Space Cadet OG really kicked my ass in that regard. I DynaVaped a second capful while writing this and almost immediately lost interest. Two Vangelis records (“Opera Sauvage” and “China”) and a cup of iced coffee later and I’m back here at the keyboard. On this second spin, Space Cadet OG was a great strain to get utterly lost in and I’d recommend it for indoor use especially. For reals, don’t plan anything – just imbibe and let it overtake you. Synth glory washing over me, I found myself incredibly relaxed and at one point even dozed off for about 15 minutes. Granted, Vangelis is good for that, too, and he probably deserves some of the credit.

One last thing…I was ready to close this entry out when I decided to take a shower. I’ve spoken before about the glory of a hot shower and just the right strain; turns out, Space Cadet OG was ideal shower doobage. I did not want to get out of the water and steam, repeatedly cleaning areas of my body with a bar of Irish Spring – a brand of soap I’ve not used in over 30 years probably, until just a couple months ago when I bought a three-pack on a nostalgic whim. It was a glorious 20-ish minutes, that smelled a bit like a high school locker room. And never once in those 20 minutes did taxes cross my mind.

Space Cadet OG is a balanced Hybrid strain that indeed seems to deliver some Indica and some Sativa – traits of both are felt here. It has an 18.08% THC content and no terpene information is available.

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