Medical Marijuana review: Strawberry Cream Puffs

“If it has a sweet name, and can fill a bowl, I’ve probably tried it…”

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I’ve always had a sweet tooth. Gelato, Runtz, Girl Scout Cookies, Cherry Pie; if it has a sweet name, and can fill a bowl, I’ve probably tried it. I prefer these indica-leaning hybrids because sativa heavy strains crank my anxiety up like I’ve just down a 12oz of espresso, and straight-up indicas give me couch lock. And while there’s nothing wrong with aiming for couch lock, I’m a busy person, and I like getting stuff done, so I need something that can help me focus for real, instead of helping me stare at the wall for several hours by accident.

Fortunately, Leafwell helped me access my right to medical marijuana earlier this year. I was connected to a doctor who asked about my ailments (namely anxiety), and promptly faxed over a prescription. Now I’m able to order what I need from Capitol Wellness Solutions, and they’ll deliver bud right to my door.

For my first delivery, I chose an indica dominant hybrid, sweetly called Strawberry Cream Puffs, which is just an objectively adorable name. It was still early in the day when my order arrived, and – not knowing how this strain would affect me – I opted to wait until after my to-do list was complete before giving it a try. By the end of the day I was tired, feeling unsociable, and scattered, so it was definitely the perfect time to see if Strawberry Cream Puffs would do the trick.

The aroma hits immediately after breaking the container’s seal – but this isn’t the stereotypical skunkyness associated with herb. This is earthy, and sweet smelling, like walking through a flower garden. The buds are tightly packed and covered with tiny white hairs that give the impression they’ve been dusted with a fine layer of snow.

Cannabinthusiast | Medical Marijuana review: Strawberry Cream Puffs

I broke apart the bud, taking care to get as much dust as I could off of my finger and into the grinder. Like many of the sweet namesakes, Strawberry Cream Puffs ground easily into fluff that’s not dry, yet doesn’t have the stickiness of indica hybrid heavy hitters like Gorilla Glue. That’s not to say this strain doesn’t pack a punch; its THC level is a formidable 16.45%. Myrcene steals the show, and the taste confirmed what my nose had previously picked up on: earthy, flowery flavors, with a touch of smokey flavor that reminded me of when my brother-in-law preps the smoker with cedar chips. A fairly common terpene, myrcene is known for its relaxing effects, and has a rich history in herbal medicine as an integral component of sleep aids and muscle relaxants.

A brief head high hit me first, with the clouds in my brain quickly subsiding. The first thing I noticed was that I was almost immediately more sociable. I was engaged easily in conversation and downright chatty when about five minutes before I was ready to just shovel dinner into my mouth and call it a night. Over the next ten minutes, relaxation crept over my body. Indica dominant strains can sometimes feel like you’re burritoed inside a weighted blanket, but the relaxation from Strawberry Cream Puffs feels more like the moment you feel a bit silly for being so worried about something you didn’t actually need to worry about. It’s a relaxation that comes from setting the weight of the world down. I felt lighter – not “high like a kite,” but physically freer, as if the stresses of the day melted from my muscles.

The next thing I took note of was my focus. I’d been bouncing from one thing to the next all day, and my brain can take a while to slow down. I can’t say I slowed down so much as I was able to better prioritize, which made it easier to choose a point of focus. My anxiety dwindled because I no longer felt like I needed to give everything equal priority; I just gave whatever was in front of me my full attention, and then moved onto the next thing.

If you’ve never dealt with anxiety, that probably sounds like a really obvious coping strategy – but to anyone like myself that needs medicine to help their brain get there, I’d recommend picking up some Strawberry Cream Puffs.

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