Medical Marijuana review: Thin Minntz Kush

My mood lifted within ten minutes; everything changed and the outlook was not bleak

Cannabinthusiast | Medical Marijuana review: Thin Minntz Kush

Since it’s Girl Scout cookie season, it’s only appropriate that Cannabinthusiast should review a strain named after arguably their most famous and iconic biscuit. Though I have no hard data (or indeed data of any kind) to back this up, I’m confident that the Girl Scouts of the USA have made a lot of money off a lot of cannabis users over the decades. Thin Mints have got to be a Top Ten stoner food, especially when eaten straight out of the freezer. So, the cannabis industry is completely within their “rights” to make knockoff strains dedicated to this most powerful and dominant of munchies.

I do enjoy a strain that stimulates the brain, and Thin Minntz Kush did exactly that. At one point my grey matter shifted into overdrive. Passing by the local post office I noticed that there was no clear path from the front door to a nearby bus stop. Any disabled person would have to go all the way around the building and make their way back to the bus stop. A simple sidewalk built from the front entrance across the lawn to the stop would be a huge thing for folks who aren’t as able-bodied as the rest of us. I don’t know if I will at some point stop into the post office and share my feelings about this, but I was certain that going in with my brain all cannabis ablaze was not a solid strategy. This is the sort of strain that taps into my passion, and when that happens and I feel I have a point to make (and particularly if I feel I’m not being heard), things can get overbearing.

Had I been sober, I never would have put this whole Sidewalk Solution together as I’d have likely been too self-involved with personal issues relating to me and me only. Certain cannabis strains have the power to free your mind and Thin Minntz Kush is one such strain.

Cannabinthusiast | Medical Marijuana review: Thin Minntz Kush | Girl Scout Cookies
Girl Scout cookies are worse for you than cannabis

The morning after these first experiences with Thin Minntz I woke up in a foul, depressed mood. Just awful. One of those “What is the point in carrying on?” sort of vibes. After about 90 minutes of that, I went over and hit the Thin Minntz again, and my mood lifted within ten minutes. Everything changed and the outlook was not bleak, the forecast of cloudy skies seemingly lifted. So Thin Minntz Kush not only opens your mind, it heals it, too.

Unfortunately, I can find very little information on this strain from Good Day Farm. I’d guess it’s a Sativa-leaning hybrid, and I would also guess that Caryophyllene is in its terpene profile, perhaps even the dominant terpene. But those are simply guesses. It sports a 22.42% THC level, and rather anticlimactically, I did not find it that it gave me the munchies for Girl Scout Cookies or any other type of comestible. Yet if someone had set a sleeve of those little brown discs of sugary joy in front me, I can’t guarantee I’d have said no.

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