Cannabinthusiast | Product review: Dad Grass - Tin

Cannabinthusiast has a spot for its medical marijuana reviews and eagle-eyed readers may notice this article is filed under “product reviews” rather than alongside the MMJ. That’s because Dad Grass, a “CBD hemp flower” isn’t quite up to the same level – either medicinally or recreationally – as most of the strains we feature here, and that’s on purpose. In fact, Dad Grass boasts a <.3% THC content, which makes it safe for shipping throughout the United States. Thank you, 2018 Farm Bill (and god how I hate to give him credit, but also apparently the former president who signed it). That’s right – regardless of the laws in your area, you can order Dad Grass and have it shipped to your home, without any hassle from the law or the post office. Yes, even to Texas.

The idea behind Dad Grass is to provide a more laid back high from “simpler times,” to steal a hackneyed and incorrect phrase, because life has always been a fucking hassle for most everyone throughout history. If today’s pot is just too strong for you, enter Dad Grass. And there are folks out there for whom today’s weed is too strong. Back in the late 90s/early 00s when pot was changing, as I found myself moving from bags of what we always called schwag or dirt weed to “hydroponic,” I frequently found myself far more stoned than I needed or even wanted to be. Over the years, it started to become a chore to find the old dirt weed that I was used to. Eventually, I just gave up and submitted to the mind-blowing varieties we smoke or vape today and going back to the Before Times is unimaginable at this point. To be honest, it’s been so long since I’ve even used that kind of weed, I barely have a frame of reference.

But not everyone is like me, and Dad Grass could have its uses for the right kind of folks. What if you wanted to taper off your regular weed use for whatever reason? Dad Grass could be a beneficial tool to ease you off of the weed you’re normally using. Not everyone wants to get so stoned they can’t even remember their name, and for folks like that, Dad Grass may fit the bill. Hell, it might even be a good – dare I say it!? – gateway “drug”; the sort of pot that you could use to initiate someone into the wonderful world of weed. The truth is cannabis has become potent over the years, and this is a product guaranteed not to send you over the edge. It is unique in that regard, and unique is always valuable.

All of this said, my periodic experiences using Dad Grass over the past six months haven’t been to my liking. There’s a QR code on the tin that if you scan gives you the detailed stats on what you’re smoking. The strain sent to me was Bubba Kush, a common and popular brand of Indica, but it’s much too Indica for my liking and always made me feel drowsy and uninspired. When I sprinkled keef on top of it, I had better results, but that’s not saying much and defeats the entire purpose of the exercise. I do not know what other potential strains Dad Grass may use for their numerous products as it is not made clear on their website.

Now all of that said, credit must be given to Dad Grass for presentation. The box sent to me included the gorgeous tin, rolling papers, a matchbook, a sticker, a postcard, and even a special note – aimed squarely at any authority that may open the package – which details the legality of the contents. Hammer around the Dad Grass website and see the many products they offer including CBG Mom Grass, pre-rolled joints, tinctures, and even a George Harrison-inspired series of products. Just because this product wasn’t for me, doesn’t mean it won’t be for you or someone you know. Father’s Day is right around the corner…

Cannabinthusiast | Product review: Dad Grass

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