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Product review: Piece Water Solution

What if you never had to clean a dirty bong again?

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Give Holiday Thanks with These Gadgets

When it’s time to “go take a walk” with your favorite cousins, they’ll be thankful you brought these along!

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Los Angeles Part Two: Shangri-La

I found the place of my pipe dreams: The Artist Tree on Santa Monica Blvd.

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Let’s Get the Halloweed Party Started…

Spooky cannabis strains and accessories to celebrate the spirit of the season

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10 Back to School Gadgets for Busy Pothead Parents

What you need to survive another school year with your sanity relatively intact

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Product review: Dad Grass

Cannabinthusiast has a spot for its medical marijuana reviews and eagle-eyed readers may notice this article is filed under “product reviews” rather than alongside the MMJ. That’s because Dad Grass, a “CBD hemp flower” isn’t quite up to the same level – either medicinally or recreationally – as most of the…

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Product review: DynaVap

Here at the Cannabinthusiast offices we do tend to keep things simple: a waterpipe is still one of our most used methods for enjoying the pot. However, Boss Man who runs the joint (pun possibly intentional) is always trying out new gizmos and gadgets and about six months ago he handed…

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