THC Edible Review: GDF 15 MG Baked Apple Pie Chews

A ridiculous amount of time was spent pacing around the house doing nothing

Cannabinthusiast | THC Edible Review: Great Day Farms 15MG Baked Apple Pie Chews

After my recent positive gummy edible experience, I was looking forward to more, and anything called Baked Apple Pie has immediately got my attention. Though really, and I’d be curious to know – does anyone really care what flavor these things are? Admittedly, I have very wide taste palate. There are scant few flavors in this world that I abhor (okra is a big one, nopal cactus is another – so, basically any plant that’s slimy and green) and I have yet to come across any flavor of THC edible that has me putting my foot down over. It is in fact a mild inconvenience when a budtender whips out a list of flavors that’s a page long. I’m easy. Give me whatever flavor you need to get rid of. I’m far more interested in the effects of the edible than I am in what it tastes like going down.

All that said, Baked Apple Pie pretty much tastes like its namesake, and the ingredient list includes cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove. So, it is indeed a tasty treat to get you started on a cannabis journey. But is it a journey worth taking?

Starting around 2 in the afternoon, I slowly let the edible dissolve on my mouth – this is my preferred way of ingesting gummy edibles (a marked difference from how I’d ingest a bag of non-THC gummy bears, which is just scarfing them down). I started feeling the effects within 30 minutes. Normally, at this point in a review, I’d in detail recount how my time with the edible went. I’ll do that here, too, but it was all rather anti-climactic, and not especially interesting. Frankly, Baked Apple Pie made me rather nervous and jittery. A ridiculous amount of time was spent pacing around the house doing nothing. I tried at several different points to put on music, and yet I simply could not engage with it. Much of my time was spent fuzting around online.

One huge thing I did while high on Baked Apple Pie: I shaved off my moustache. I’ve had facial hair in the form of either a beard or a ‘stache for nearly 20 years, so this was frankly quite momentous. However, I didn’t do it because of the Apple Pie; I’d pretty much made the decision the night before. But it is perhaps interesting to note that the edible didn’t keep me from going through with my decision, and indeed, once the hair was scraped off my face, I realized how tender the skin was and logic led me to the aloe plant out on our deck.

My mind was not in the best frame this afternoon, and that could have played a part in some of my reactions. I’m going out of town shortly and I had a lot of thoughts sifting around. The entire experience pretty much ended around 7 PM, because it was at that point I realized I needed to smoke something. So, 15 MG of THC equating to about five hours of middling effects.

I have one more Baked Apple Pie edible to try, and when I use it, I’ll be sure to update this entry with my experiences.

UPDATED! As promised, I did come back around to that second Apple Pie Chew, which tasted even sweeter the second go ‘round. Further, while much of my experience was similar to the first time, including some of the jitters, this time I was comfortably able to settle into my couch and watch all manner of movie and TV programming without feeling even remotely distracted or unsettled. It was, in fact, and quite perfect afternoon and early evening spent with the Baked Apple Pie, and I’d say it nicely lived up to the “Baked” portion of its name. This is almost certainly one of those instances where my frame of mind played a big part in my first experience with Baked Apple Pie, and why one can never entirely write off a strain or a cannabis product based solely on one outing. Lastly, this time around the effects lasted more like 3 or 4 hours and opposed to 4 or 5.

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