THC Edible review: GDF 20 MG Tiger’s Blood

Coconut is a divisive flavor, and I tasted notes of it as Tiger’s Blood dissolved in my mouth

Cannabinthusiast | THC Edible review: Tigers Blood

First thing I noticed about Tiger’s Blood (as one might) is its delicious, tropical taste. Coconut is a divisive flavor, and I’m pretty sure I tasted notes of it as Tiger’s Blood dissolved in my mouth. I love coconut, so it was a welcome flavor. Sure enough – coconut cream flavoring comes second on the flavor ingredient list right after strawberry. So, if coconut is not your thing, steer clear of this edible. (Apparently my graphic designer is far more familiar with the sno-cone flavor this is based on than I and was tipped off to its flavor dynamic based on the name alone.)

It was a lazy, wet chilly Saturday afternoon – perhaps the last such day of the winter. I wanted to make the most of these conditions, so I built a roaring fire and went to work preparing a pot roast. Once all of this was set into motion, I popped a Tiger’s Blood into my mouth. This was around 3 and as has been typical for my recent edible excursions, I started to really feel the effects about an hour later at 4.

Early on I sat down to take in the second episode of “Planet Sex with Cara Delevingne.” Imagine my surprise when this show about human sexuality suddenly became relevant to my cannabis writings. Series host Delevingne goes to visit a clinic where two researchers intend to measure her orgasm by taking samples of her blood immediately after she climaxes (no, you don’t get to watch). The results were perhaps more stunning for the viewer than they were for the researchers, who had seen the same results repeatedly.

Researcher #1: “We processed your blood and found out it produced endocannabinoids.”
Researcher #2: “So, endocannabinoids are basically your body’s own version of cannabis.”
Cara: “Wow! That’s why I felt dopey. Is it like cannabis?”
R2: “Yeah, your body is producing its own cannabis-like substance, and it makes you kind of high after masturbation.”
Cara: “Does that happen to everyone?”
R2: “We know from research that roughly 80% of people have an increase of endocannabinoids after masturbation leading to orgasm.”
Cara: “Both men and women?”
R2: “Yeah.”
R1: “We think that’s why sex feels so good.”

Cannabinthusiast | THC Edible review: Tigers Blood - Cara Delevingne Planet Sex
Model and actress Cara Delevingne hosts PLANET SEX on Hulu

So, there you have it. Your high and your other high are far more closely related than you may have realized.

I wish that I could say that Tiger’s Blood took me someplace orgasmic, but the truth is it was a very average THC edible experience. It was a nice, amiable high. Nothing ever felt even remotely overpowering, of course the tradeoff there was that maybe my wintry afternoon was never quite as exciting as I hoped it would be. It did last until about 10 PM, so, a decent six hours were had on this 20 MG edible. It’s anyone’s guess why I didn’t react more positively to it. It was somewhat comparable to the previous Good Day Farm edible (Baked Apple Pie) that I tried, though I didn’t experience any jitters and this one was probably a bit more relaxed. If we’re keeping score here, of the edibles I’ve tested out for Cannabinthusiast, the AYO chews have been vastly superior to the Good Day Farm product.

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