“The Terror of the Edibles!”

This golden oldie of a scare tactic is all trick and no treat

Fall is here, bringing with it an abundance of pumpkin-flavored beverages, cooler temperatures, and the best holiday of them all: Halloween. When else can you put a giant skeleton in your yard and not be labeled the neighborhood creep? I’m also a big fan of costume parties, and Halloween brings out the inner child in just about everyone as they don creative outfits, makeup, wigs, and masks to celebrate with friends.

Of course, Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without trick-or-treating. You probably have fond childhood memories of raiding the neighborhood for candy with family or friends. Even though most of us here at Cannabinthusiast have long been giving out the candy rather than receiving it, we still feel all warm and fuzzy inside when the costumed kiddos come knocking once per year.

One thing that doesn’t make us feel so warm and fuzzy, however, is the ridiculous urban myth about kids receiving THC-laced candies on Halloween. It seems like every year this falsehood pops up everywhere, from local news programs to dubious memes on your Facebook feed.

Even the people who should know better get in on the hysteria. Just last year, Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry “warned” parents about edibles being packaged to look like typical candies and snacks, right before Halloween weekend. This kind of statement didn’t do anything positive and only served to drum up paranoia and direct ire toward the cannabis plant, and those that use it. All this despite there being no documented cases of children receiving marijuana candies on Halloween.

Why this scare tactic keeps rising from the grave is anyone’s guess, but these kinds of stories have plagued popular media for decades. Though not cannabis-related specifically, take a look at this New York Times article, titled “Those Treats May Be Tricks”, from 1970. Yesterday’s razor blades are today’s THC treats, apparently.

These stupefying scare tactics are unfounded, unnecessary, and incredibly sensationalist. Besides, do these “journalists” even know how much our beloved THC edibles cost? If they did, they’d understand we’ve no interest in giving them away. With that being said, I did want to have a little bit of fun at the expense of those silly enough to perpetuate this myth.

The Stoner Halloween Wishlist
Did y’all hear they’re giving out edibles this Halloween? I saw a story on the local news channel, WBRZ . . . AG Jeff Landry mentioned something about THC-laced candies. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well get your costumes ready, because we’re hitting the streets early to get first dibs on all those tasty, psychoactive treats. Hopefully I’ll score at least a few of these this October 31st.

Cheeba Chews: These aren’t available in Louisiana, so it’s unlikely any will show up in my Halloween haul, but a guy can dream, right? My first ever THC candy was a Cheeba Chews back in 2014. It was about the size of a Tootsie Roll, and it tasted like one, too. Nowadays, Cheeba Chews sells their candies in packs of 20. If I find myself in California, Colorado, Oklahoma, or one of the other few states Cheeba Chews are available in, I’ll definitely splurge.

Good Day Farms Strawberry Lemonade 100mg THC Gummies: These vegan gummies are made with real fruit, and you can taste it in these delicious Strawberry Lemonade gummies from Good Day Farms. I enjoy the mellow yet potent high from these, and I’m sure you will too. Assuming the grouchy old man across the street isn’t handing these out, you can grab a bag at The Medicine Cabinet in Alexandria, LA.

Ilena AYO Chew Tropical 120mg THC Gummies: These tasty Tropical gummies from Ilera are like a vacation at your fingertips. I dig the sleek packaging on these; they really feel like a medicinal product, with each gummy secured in its own compartment. This also makes it quite easy to see how many you have left, rather than having to rifle through the bottom of a tiny bag. If that strait-laced looking couple two houses down don’t deliver on the 31st, you can snag some of these from Medicis Pharmacy in Lake Charles.

KIVA Terra Espresso Bean Bites: KIVA Confections is my favorite edible brand. From their creative flavors and products to their beautiful branding and packaging, they make fantastic products. I love coffee, so these espresso beans coated in THC-infused chocolate are one of my favorite things ever. I loved buying these regularly at my local dispensary back in my California days, and I hope to see them in Louisiana soon.

Good Day Farms Wild Berry 100mg THC Gummies: What can I say . . . Good Day Farms knows how to make a quality product, and these Wild Berry gummies are no exception. While their Strawberry Lemonade gummies are my preferred flavor, the high is consistent between the two. Since you are highly unlikely to find these at the bottom of your Halloween booty, definitely try them out if you can get over to Capitol Wellness Solutions in Baton Rouge.

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