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Those Incredible THC Edibles

Edibles really are a fantastic method of pain management, and the results can be felt for hours

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Lately I’ve been sampling a number of edibles for the site, which has been a much different process than trying a strain. You don’t get that almost instantaneous reaction to the THC, but once you do get a reaction, it can last for five or six hours or maybe even more. You may even feel numerous different reactions as it works its magic on you. You just never know exactly what’s going to happen until you pop one in your mouth and let a bit of time pass. (In that regard, it sort of takes me back to my LSD days in my twenties…)

Recently I was reminded by Bossman that these edibles I’ve been reviewing are not Louisiana’s very first dip into THC gummies. Over a year ago, when medical marijuana went legal in the Bayou State, Wellcana released a bag of gummies labeled the THC 600 – an amazing 30 pieces per bag at 20 mg per strawberry chew. One of these chews was handed off to me by Bossman is the early days of Cannabinthusiast. I guess I ate half of that chew, though I’ve no memory of doing so or what sort of experience it yielded.

But I was rooting through my stash recently and found the other half of that chew. It was dried up and not even remotely “gummy” at this point. It was reminiscent more of the texture of a Swedish Fish than a Gummi Bear when I popped it in my mouth, which I did expecting very little. I mean, after over a year of sitting around in just a thin Ziploc baggie, surely its potency had waned considerably. Add to that, it wasn’t even a whole edible, just a half of one. I did it on a lark.

Lo and behold, an hour later I was flying. True blast off material this was, and it wasn’t even an entire edible, and it was dried out and over a year old. And yet it towered over some of the Good Day Farm product I’ve been sampling (I’m not sure I’d place it above the Ayo chews, but certainly on par with). A bit of hammering around led to the discovery that these chews were made with one of my recent favorite strains, Jenny Kush (from GDF). Whatever happened to this product? Why is it no longer available? Good Day Farm bought/absorbed Wellcana last year, so it stands to reason they still have access to their recipes/formulas, so there’s no reason they couldn’t put this Jenny Kush-derived edible back on the market.

At present we largely review medical marijuana here at Cannabinthusiast. If you’re reading this, you could be using cannabis for any number of ailments – ailments that I am not qualified to comment upon any product’s possible effect on. Personally, I use cannabis as a means of managing anxiety and depression issues, and “flying” can very much be a positive reaction to a strain. It might sound like I’m having fun, but mostly I’m managing my pain, and that is what most folks use medical cannabis for, most of the time: pain management. The whole benefit of medical marijuana is that it’s a mostly pleasant way to manage your pain, and surely there is no stronger endorsement for it.

Which takes me back to that Wellcana chew, which kicked in and took me all the way through a movie and then through to the end of a late evening. Edibles really are a fantastic method of pain management, and the results can be felt for hours. Some people may not want to be transported for six or eight hours. On the other hand, some of us very much do. The THC 600 from Wellcana was clearly a quality product and really the whole point of this Cannabinthusiast entry is to urge Good Day Farm to bring it back.

While I’ve got your attention, Good Day Farm, I would also urge you to provide consumers more information on which strains your edibles are sourced from. Jenny Kush is a killer strain, and any edible that’s clearly made from it is sure to be a much sought after product. While you’re at it, tell us what terpenes are in what we’re smoking or eating, which has been a constant issue in my reviews – the inability to provide readers with that information. Again, I point to Ayo, who did all of that on their magnificent Nite Time chews.

Information is power. The more info the consumer has about what they’re taking, the more satisfied the consumer can be.

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