Wyoming Cannabis Law

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A Guide to Wyoming Cannabis Laws

Wyoming is one of just a few states that continues to criminalize adults and patients for possessing and using cannabis.

Medical marijuana certification; debilitating medical conditions.

  1. A patient with a debilitating medical condition may acquire, administer, purchase, possess, transport, transfer and use, and a patient’s licensed caregiver may acquire, administer, purchase, possess, transport and transfer, medical marijuana and medical marijuana‑derived products pursuant to a valid medical marijuana certification. A health care provider, after examining a patient and determining that the patient has a debilitating medical condition, may issue a medical marijuana certification if:
    • The health care provider has established a relationship with the patient, formed for the purpose of the health care provider providing medical diagnosis or treatment to the patient, whether or not for compensation, and has completed a full assessment of the patient’s medical history and current medical condition;
    • The health care provider determines that the risk of the patient’s use of medical marijuana is reasonable in light of the potential benefit;
    • The health care provider has explained the risks and benefits of using medical marijuana to the patient. If the patient is younger than eighteen (18) years of age, treatment involving medical marijuana shall not be provided without consent by at least one (1) custodial parent, guardian, conservator or other person with lawful authority to consent to the patient’s medical treatment;
    • The medical marijuana certification shall expire one (1) year from the date issued and may thereafter be considered for recertification.
  2. Neither law enforcement of this state or of a political subdivision of this state nor an occupational licensing board shall initiate an administrative, civil or criminal investigation of, deny any professional right or privilege to or pursue professional disciplinary action against a health care provider authorized by this chapter, solely on the ground that the health care provider:
    • Discussed with a patient the use of medical marijuana as a treatment option;
    • Issued a medical marijuana certification in compliance with all relevant provisions of this chapter; or
    • Otherwise made a written or oral statement that, in the health care provider’s professional opinion, the potential health benefits of the patient using medical marijuana would likely outweigh the health risks.

Can You Cross State Lines with Weed?

  • No. Even in states where marijuana is legal for recreational use, it is still a bad idea to smuggle weed out of the state and into another state.
  • There are a few reasons for this. First, the state you are traveling to may have laws making marijuana illegal. This is the case in Wyoming, for example.
  • In this situation, as you cross back into Wyoming, you will possess an illegal drug. It does not matter if you legally purchased the drug in another state.
  • The second problem with smuggling weed is that state borders and interstate highways fall within the federal court’s jurisdiction.
  • While, technically, federal agents could arrest anyone for possessing marijuana, in reality, they tend to limit the expenditure of federal resources for more serious crimes— such as drug smuggling.
  • Thus, if you cross state borders, you may raise the suspicion of federal agents who could arrest you if you are caught with marijuana.


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