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Aromas are compounds that are detected by the olfactory receptor sites in the nasal cavity, which enable us to perceive smells. It has been established that there are approximately ten fundamental odors, namely:

1. Fragrant
2. Woody / Resinous
3. Fruity (non-citrus)
4. Chemical
5. Mint / Peppermint
6. Sweet
7. Popcorn
8. Lemon
9. Pungent
10. Decay

Human olfactory receptors, located in the nose, facilitate the perception of different smells. Each odor can activate specific olfactory neurons to identify which particular aromas are present and whether they pose any potential risks. Remarkably, the brain can process numerous aromas simultaneously through a “combinatorial” process, allowing humans to discern more scents than there are specific receptors for.

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