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THC Edible review: Cherry Bomb

Despite being high dose, a low key yet extremely pleasant high

Sometimes my anxiety is so off the charts that I worry about popping an edible. The logic goes that at some point I’ll be called upon to do something that requires my full attention and I’ll be too messed up to do it…too stoned or too paranoid, and who knows what else. Such was the afternoon I popped a Cherry Bomb. Of course, nothing of the sort happened, but it didn’t stop me from going in with that mindset. Like clockwork, I tend to pop these edibles for review at about 2 in the afternoon. And also like clockwork, it nearly always takes a solid hour before the effects kick in. The good news here is that Cherry Bomb obliterated all that anxiety.

For an edible labelled “high dose,” Cherry Bomb was a low key yet extremely pleasant high. Very early on Mrs. Fareye was by chance reading my last review for the site, Ocean Beach, in which I extolled the virtues of The Idle Race, which led to her asking me to play it…which in turn led to more records: Steely Dan’s “Aja” and ZZ Top’s “Tres Hombres.” It was a completely undemanding ride at this point – just a nice, even high, grooving to all this great old music. I even thought back to the anxiety from earlier and imagined that if I were called upon to do something the required attention, I could probably pull it off. So, that was kind of the vibe for the first couple hours.

Around the time “Tres Hombres” ended, some of Cherry Bomb’s more indica-ish properties kicked in and I just wanted to veg out on the sofa, so I went where I’ve been going often for the past week or so: the 24-hour “The Price is Right” channel, which can be accessed through the Live TV function of Roku. (There’s also one on Pluto TV it seems.) Certainly, Bob Barker’s recent death was the impetus for checking in on this TV staple of days gone by, and while his presence is immense, so is pretty much everything else about “The Price is Right.”

An hour of inspired madness, with rhythms that are so Zen-like and repetitive, “The Price is Right” is perfect stoner television. The colorful set design teeters the line between psychedelic and gaudy. The music – oh my; the lone danger of diving into hours of this show is getting that music stuck in your head, because it really wants to run around in there like your brain is its personal playground. The cameras swooping around, particularly when Johnny Olsen belts out the infamous “Come on down!” keeps the show moving with action. Speaking of Johnny Olsen, has any TV game show announcer ever been called upon to work as hard as this guy does? It’s his job to describe in detail every single product trotted out onto that stage, from the largest automobile to the smallest packet of chewing gum. It’s just as important to the texture of the show as what Barker’s doing.

Ah, Bob Barker. Yes, we must speak of Barker. While I do not wish to speak ill of the dead, the truth is Bob Barker exhibits a lot of creepy, sexist behavior on this show. Whether it’s making lewd comments to contestants or models who work on the show, or just insulting contestants or the models (in the midst of my Cherry Bomb high, I watched him poke fun at a big man’s weight), there’s just so much on display here we would never put up with today, and with good reason. And yet Barker is not alone. This type of behavior was pervasive in the entertainment industry at the time. It’s the way things were, and watching this material is a great reminder of how far we’ve come.

But mostly “The Price is Right” is just a great way for a stoned person to while away some time. It’s undemanding game show fare, and if you zone out or get distracted, there’s always an easy way back in – some dumb guessing game or a Showcase Showdown or – the arguable high point of the show – the spinning of the big wheel. And with it playing 24 hours on these streaming services, the fun need never end…almost quite literally as the show has been on for 51 seasons and nearly 10,000 episodes have been produced.

Cherry Bomb didn’t rock my world, but it did make for a relaxing afternoon and early evening. Like most of the other GDF chews, the effects lasted about five hours, after which I hit the bong.

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