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Medical Marijuana review: Super Charger

It was an intense, visceral high in which you absorb everything at once and yet are unable to absorb anything at all

After DynaVaping a capful, Super Charger most definitely – at least initially – lived up to the promise of its name. It was like a cannabis lightning bolt to the head. These days my sinuses are fairly clear so I was able to get a better read on its scent, which is not especially overpowering. But I’ll tell you what (said in my best Hank Hill), for some reason it reminded me of Super Sugar Crisp (these days known as Golden Crisp) – that combination of sugary honey and puffed oats. I don’t know if it was in my head, but that’s what hit me. It’s not any kind of overpowering skunky kind of smell, and seemingly leans towards sweet.

Stepping outside for a brisk afternoon walk, alongside a headful of 80s tunes, I immediately swooned and grooved with the world around me. It was an intense, visceral high in which you absorb everything at once and yet are unable to absorb anything at all, such is the power of the high. Pretty glorious stuff.

At one point, on my headphones, I hit the soundtrack for “Some Kind of Wonderful,” which is one of the greatest 80s pop soundtracks ever assembled – not because it’s a collection of tunes you know by heart, but because it’s the exact opposite: a collection of songs you’ve only ever heard if you’ve seen the movie or own the soundtrack. And yet, despite it being a collection of largely unknown tunes, it’s still one of the best ever assembled. Catchy pop perfection from start to finish.

Going back to the word initially up above, surprisingly, for a strain that hit so hard, after about 40 or so minutes I felt my high plummet. I was still a little hazy, but nothing compared to that first half hour, which was a bit of a disappointment, as I enjoy a high that sticks around for a while. Still, this aspect of Super Charger may appeal to folks who’d rather not be high out of their gourd for 90 minutes – yet still appreciate the experience of an intense high.

As I came completely down from Super Charger, I’m happy to report it did not leave me dragging or drowsy. I just sobered up, like you do. Indeed, I felt unusually alert throughout the rest of the day and evening, which isn’t always the case for me. I’ve still got a little bit of Super Charger left and look forward to a couple more sessions, to see if it stands up to the various complexities of the first.

Super Charger is a Hybrid THC & THCA strain from Cookies and Grandiflora Genetics. Its total THC content is a modest 18.17%, which may explain why I wasn’t floored after the come down. Info passed my way says its effects range from energizing and uplifting to relaxing and tingly. It “may relieve stress, pain and nausea.” Hit up The Medicine Cabinet and see if they have it in stock.

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