One of the services we attempt to provide here at Cannabinthusiast is, unsurprisingly, cannabis reviews. It is in fact one of our favorite things we do, for all the obvious reasons.

However, anyone who tries to tell you precisely how a strain of cannabis will affect you may be doing you a disservice. We hope the information we provide and the experiences we share in these reviews will be of value to you, but we cannot make any guarantees that your reaction to a strain of cannabis will be the same as ours.

There are myriad factors that play into your reaction to a strain: mood, brain chemistry, the time of day, whether or not you’re well rested, other medications you might be on, if you’ve already imbibed a different strain prior to the new one. The list can go on and on.

Our best advice when trying a new strain is GO SLOWLY until you know how you’re reacting. Be at home or in a safe, comfortable space. Talk openly to your pharmacist and give them feedback as to your reactions, be they positive or negative.

Our goals are to help make your cannabis experiences pleasant, medicinal, and an asset to your psyche, not a burden.

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