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Medical Marijuana Review: Pancakes

What you feel one minute may not be how you feel in 10 minutes

You want a strain with a name like Pancakes to above all else be fun. It might asking too much of it to be syrupy, but I must say, there is a slight sweetness to its vaped odor, I think. Now, granted, my sense of smell is not up to snuff right now, as I’m allergic to everything within a foot and my sinuses are not fit to be written about. Information that was passed my way boldly claims Pancakes smells…“just like a warm plate of pancakes”(!) Am I missing out!? It sure sounds like I’m missing out. I miss out on great smells every day of my life, and weed that smells like pancakes sounds like the sort of thing that would be heavenly.

All that said, I genuinely thought Pancakes had one of the worst tastes I’ve experienced in quite some time. Definitely does not taste like pancakes. It’s got an almost acrid, chemical taste about it. I hate to say that because the high it’s given me – while sort of all over the place – has been very nice.

I first DynaVaped Pancakes before putting on the first episode of an old British TV series called “Sapphire & Steel,” which stars the recently deceased David McCallum. For half of our country, “NCIS” is or has been a TV staple for two decades. Back in the 60s, McCallum starred in another TV staple, “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.” In between the two series he’s most well known for, he did 1979’s “Sapphire & Steel.” This moody, low budget British-made affair is ideal stoner viewing…if you don’t mind low budget British fare from the 70s.

McCallum stars alongside Joanna Lumley (Patsy from “Absolutely Fabulous,” being nothing like Patsy here) as the title pair. They’re not just cool, clever names and cool, clever people – the two characters are literal elements of the universe (we also meet Lead and Silver over the course of the series) sent to Earth to solve issues regarding time and numerous other improbable quandaries. In the first story, the duo shows up at a house in the middle of nowhere, aiding two children whose parents have instantly disappeared. Another story revolves around an abandoned railway station. Yet another involves a faceless man with the power to trap people in photographs. As you can probably glean, the sort of weird fare the Brits are highly adept at creating. You can stream the entirety of “Sapphire & Steel” for free at ShoutTV.com.

“Sapphire & Steel” was a great show to try out on a new strain on. It’s quiet, mysterious manner of unfolding was a good pairing with Pancakes, a strain I’ve had a difficult time decoding, and yet, as I sit here typing, I am struck by it being a completely even high. Totally undemanding and effective at chilling me out, Pancakes is a good “sitting around the house and gettin’ high” strain. It’d likely pair well with music, too. It doesn’t immediately strike me as something I’d want to be social on. It’s a bit of a mild ride, this strain. What you feel one minute may not be how you feel in 10 minutes.

Pancakes is a Hybrid THCA strain from Cookies, a company doing great work with THCA product. In Louisiana, this strain is distributed by Good Day Farm and is available at The Medicine Cabinet. Its total THC content is 18.30%. According to info given to me effects felt from Pancakes may include “uplifted, focused and energetic.” I can go along with focused, but I’m not so sure about the other two. It may also relieve symptoms from “depression, anxiety and stress.” I will agree to all three of those in theory.

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