Could Louisiana MMJ already be changing (for the better)?

The Medical Marijuana program in Louisiana is still in its infancy, having only been around since the first of the year. Could major changes to how it’s being done already be afoot? Biz New Orleans reports that a House Bill is trying to shift the program from being under the Louisiana Department of Agriculture to the Department of Health. The result could be an increased number of growers, which, if successful, should see the prices of product drop substantially:

“Kevin Caldwell is the southeast legislative manager for the Marijuana Policy Project. He put Louisiana’s current medical marijuana market in perspective for committee members. ‘Let’s look to see what our neighbors are doing,’ he said. ‘In Arkansas, a state that has over 1 million less citizens than … Louisiana, they have eight growers. The state of Florida has 22 growers. Oklahoma, which has no caps, has well over 1,000 growers. Missouri has 60 growers. The state of Mississippi adopted a medical cannabis program this year and they put no caps on the number of growers in their program. So, if we’re looking to see how our neighbors are proceeding with medical cannabis, I think that it’s important to see the fact that we have a lot more than two growers in all of our neighboring states.'”

Read the rest of this article at Biz New Orleans.

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