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Cannabis Derived Terpenes

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Cannabis-derived terpenes, known as CDT, are natural compounds present in the trichomes of cannabis plants. These aromatic hydrocarbons form sticky glands found on the surfaces of the plant’s buds, leaves, and stems. CDT play diverse roles in the growth and development of the cannabis plant. They give rise to distinct aromas and flavors and contribute to the various colors displayed by the flower buds and leaves. Furthermore, CDT serve as protectors, shielding the plants from environmental stressors and pathogens, and they can even stimulate immune responses in the plant.

With approximately 400 different cannabis terpenes estimated to exist, scientists are actively studying their effects on the plant and how they interact with cannabinoids. CDT are often isolated and subsequently reintroduced into various hemp products, such as tinctures, distillates, skincare items, and more.

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