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As the hemp plant matures, it develops resin glands on the bud flowers. These resinous glands, known as trichomes, resemble miniature crystals that give the buds a frosted appearance, like fine sugar. Within these crystal-like structures, the plant’s renowned compounds, such as THC and CBD, are found, along with terpenes and various other compounds that contribute to the hemp plant’s psychoactive effects and analgesic properties.

When the trichomes grow abundantly and then dry out, they detach from the plant. Collected at this stage, they become what is known as kief. As oxidation occurs, the kief takes on a golden brownish color. It can be used in joints, bowls, or for vaping sessions. With enough kief available, it can be pressed into a ball of hash. It’s worth noting that kief usually contains a high concentration of THC, and a single hit of it can be quite potent. For a smoother experience, we recommend using it on top of flower, as pure kief can be harsh.

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