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Linalool is a commonly occurring compound found in cannabis cultivars and various other natural sources such as rosewood, bergamot, coriander, rose, jasmine, and lavender. It is widely used in aromatherapy, body care products, and has been utilized for medicinal purposes for generations. This monoterpene goes by several names, including beta-linalool, linaloyl oxide, linalyl alcohol, and p-linalool.

With its pleasant floral lavender scent, linalool is known to induce mood boosts and a sense of relaxation. Its therapeutic properties have been observed in reducing inflammation and alleviating inflammatory pain, as well as in reducing anxiety and depression. Moreover, linalool has demonstrated the ability to inhibit fungal infections, including the yeast infection candida.

Having a boiling point of 388.4 ℉ (198 °C), linalool is a valuable and versatile compound known for its therapeutic benefits and appealing fragrance.

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