Medical Marijuana review: Cookies & Cream

A blissfully serene high, recommended for mood enhancement

Cannabinthusiast | Medical Marijuana Review: Cookies and Cream

A trip to the grocery store is always a good opportunity to test out a new strain: you find out if you can accomplish a simple task, or if you’re too wrecked to concentrate. After DynaVaping some Cookies & Cream, I stood at the bus stop behind my house for several minutes waiting, all the while slowly realizing how gloriously lit I was. It was a real moment, as I surveyed the skies in my neighborhood, feeling happy and high. The bus came and it’s less than a mile to the store, so I was still nice and stoned when I entered.

Almost immediately I had a “good times and great oldies” vibe going on in my head, aided by the overhead speaker, which nearly always seems to churn out 80s tunes. There was a lovely dance going on among the customers as they darted in and out of each other’s paths, steadily filling their baskets and carts. The folks at my grocery store tend to be polite, decent folk, so wandering among them with a blazing nervous system in tow is an experience.

There’s a particular way I make steelhead trout and I always ask for a specific cut: two pieces of tail, about a half pound each.” When I got to the fish counter, I placed my order and the woman asked me, after she’d put it all together and handed it off, “Why do you like the tails? Because you always ask for it that way.” I was slightly taken aback that I was memorable enough for analysis. “I just like the way they cook in the oven. Am I the only one who does this?” “Yeah,” came her reply, laughing. “Great! I don’t want anyone else moving in on my culinary turf.” We both laughed and once again I realized how my cannabis-enhanced personality can at times be preferable to my more serious sober one.

I managed to snag all the items I needed and even came up with a few other ideas, despite the Cookies & Cream trying very hard to distract me with the mundane. At one point I decided to buy my wife some flowers (which I almost never do, but today I thought she needed them), so I found a little purple something or other (sorry, those kinds of flower are not in my wheelhouse), but then found myself obsessing over them being something she may not enjoy. I got caught in a stoner loop on this and eventually had to circle back around to that part of the store and find something yellow I thought she might like more. (She did, but she probably would have liked the purple ones, too.)

Lastly, did a munchie fixation ever take over, leading to me buying junk food I didn’t need? For the longest part of the excursion, that was the furthest thing from my mind, but near the end I came across a bag of Durham’s Pumpkin Pie Almonds in the markdown section ($1.87!) and could not resist. These came in real handy at the bus stop on the trip back, and I will try to convince myself that at least they are half nutritious.

Cookies & Cream made for a blissfully serene trip to the store, and I’d highly recommend it for folks in need of mood enhancement. It is a Hybrid strain of 50/50 Indica/Sativa. Its dominant terpene is unsurprisingly my old pal Caryophyllene.

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