Medical Marijuana review: Jenny Kush

Jenny Kush boasts a whopping 26.06% THC level, which probably explains my reactions to it

Cannabinthusiast | Medical Marijuana Review: Jenny Kush

I DynaVaped a capful of Jenny before going out on a lazy Sunday afternoon walk with my wife. It was sunny and in the 60s and the perfect sort of day to light up a new strain. Almost instantly she went to my head and hard, too. This deep, heady high was potent – far more so than the Super Lemon Haze from a few days ago that folks all over the net were insisting was a strong strain. While I found it enjoyable enough, I just didn’t find it especially strong. Jenny Kush on the other hand, hits almost hypnotically hard.

Testing out a strain like this under the circumstances I laid out is unfair – to my wife, who probably would have preferred my company to the spaceman she got today. My brain was scrambled as we hit the path…but in a great way, for me anyway. At several different moments she was talking to me, and I found myself utterly lost in the conversation, covertly trying to get back up to speed by asking for clarification on certain topics. Once we got back home, I’d sobered up considerably, and as I sat down to type out a few words here about the experience, I said something to my wife about how stoned I was through the walk, and she said she’d completely forgotten – she didn’t even realize I was high at all! So there goes the difference in perceptions whereas cannabis is concerned: sometimes, only you know how high you are.

The next day I vaped two capfuls of Jenny Kush and went out for a solo walk, which had a tinge of surreality to it from the word go. Once again, a beautiful, heady high that had me feeling introspective and happy, especially as I jammed to tunes on a new MP3 player (right, I don’t listen to music on my phone). Problem is, the menus on these little hunks of Chinese junk are difficult enough to navigate sober, let alone stoned out of one’s gourd. (Maybe I should use my phone.) Jenny Kush is not recommended for anyone needing to concentrate on anything but the simplest of matters. Above all else it is a strain to get lost in.

Another thing that happened with both Jenny Kush sessions: once I came down, I was beat and needed to nap for about 30 minutes. A previous version of this strain was available from Wellcana, but it’s well worth trying out this new product from Good Day Farm. Named after the late cannabis activist Jenny Monson, Jenny Kush boasts a whopping 26.06% THC level, which probably explains my reactions to it. It is an evenly balanced Hybrid strain, and its primary terpenes are Caryophyllene, Myrcene and Pinene. Also check out the new jars (pictured below) Good Day Farm is moving over to. From a practicality standpoint, preferable to the little bags which always found ways for material to get stuck in the crevices. From a presentation standpoint, infinitely more beautiful. From an ecological standpoint, well, either reuse them or make sure you put these glass jars in your recycle bin when you’re finished.

Cannabinthusiast | Medical Marijuana Review: Good Day Farms - Jenny Kush

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