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Medical Marijuana review: Power Bar

Within minutes I realized something: the pain at the top of my body had subsided; it was total bliss.

Cannabinthusiast | Medical Marijuana review: Power Bar

Wake and bake has never been my style. These days, the earliest I partake is noon-ish, and that’s typically only if I’m reviewing a new strain. Normally, I don’t even light up until after dinner. The beauty of not being a wake ‘n’ baker, is that on the rare occasion you do wake up and bake, it really is quite glorious. Such was the morning I first sampled Power Bar.

It was an atypically chilly spring morning – in the very low 50s when I woke up around 8. The house was silent save for the rain steadily coming down outside against subtle rolls of thunder. It had been a disturbed sleep, rife with anxiety dreams. Upon awakening, I immediately realized my neck and shoulders were in unbearable pain. First some ibuprofen, next a massager applied to the proper area, and finally, Power Bar, of which I DynaVaped a capful.

Next, I built a fire in the fireplace, which I thought I would not be doing again this season, but here we are…and most welcome I should add! With an unknowable summer not too far around the corner, cool, fire-worthy weather is good for the psyche. Kacey Musgraves’ latest album “Star-Crossed” on the turntable, I settled into her brilliance and the crackling fire. Within minutes I realized something: the pain at the top of my body had subsided. It was total bliss. Sure, the ibuprofen and massage helped, but the Power Bar made it apparent and relieving. I was at peace, and free to immerse myself into this record that I love more with each listen.

The inner cover for the fifth Kacey Musgraves studio album, STAR-CROSSED

Star-Crossed” probably escaped a lot of people, as “the album coming right after a highly successful album” often does. “Golden Hour” was sheer genius and deserving of its many Grammys, if such trinkets are worth anything (they certainly are to the person who receives one, or in Kacey’s case, four). “Star-Crossed” was almost destined to exist in its shadow. But it doesn’t deserve to live there forever, and one could quite convincingly argue that it bests its predecessor. This concept album about the dissolution of Musgraves’ three-year marriage does not on the surface sound like fun. Yet for a topic that somber, Kacey somehow made possibly her grooviest and hookiest album. Kacey suggests of her troubled husband on the chillaxed “Good Wife,” “And if he comes home stressed out, I could pack him a bowl. Just let him be himself, don’t try to control.”

Between flipping sides, I hit another capful of Power Bar, so by this point I was frankly feeling damn near otherworldly. One of the barest and most thoughtful tunes on the record opens Side Two: “Camera Roll” is the song this album will someday likely be most known for. Anyone with a Smart Phone will understand this anthem for our fractured times. “Star-Crossed” is perfection from its soul-baring start to its magical Tex-Mex (not the food) finish.

Power Bar is a Hybrid strain with a 19.22% THC level, and also pretty wonderful from beginning to end. GDF claims this strain is good for those wanting “a balanced high” and nothing I experienced would contradict that claim. I have been unable to find any information on its terpene content. (Come on, GDF!)

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