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Medical Marijuana review: Honey Bun

Honey Bun sports a THCA content of 20.46%; note the “A” because THC and THCA are different animals

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The very first thing I noticed about Honey Bun is that it has a 0.47% THC content, which surely you will recognize as so insignificant as to be hardly worth mentioning. However, Honey Bun instead sports a THCA content of 20.46%. (The combination of the two is the 20.93% you see in the above graphic.) Note the “A” there, because THC and THCA are somewhat different animals. I’ve read a fair amount on the differences between the two, and I would point you to this article for an informed and extensive breakdown, but at the end of the day, for the purposes of Cannabinthusiast, the truth is that the moment you heat up THCA it converts into THC, with the same or at least similar effects that you would get from smoking or vaping THC. Indeed, the lengthy piece I just linked to very clearly states this several times, but perhaps most importantly it is again reiterated as the final line of the article: “Just remember, smoking or vaping THCA will convert it into THC, causing a potent high, especially when you use THCA concentrates.”

In recent weeks I’ve played around a bit with several different THCA products and found the effects virtually indistinguishable from THC. Likewise, Honey Bun, which we are discussing here, got me high in nearly the exact way I expected it to, based on the previous THCA products I’ve tested. It’s worth mentioning this is not like the weird differences between Delta-8 and Delta-9 THC. I literally would not have known this strain or indeed any of the other THCA products I’ve sampled were THCA (as opposed to THC) if I didn’t know. Perhaps this is because you can’t have THC in the first place without the building block of THCA.

Honey Bun, which I DynaVaped a capful of and went out for a walk on, was an easy, chill high. It didn’t rock my world, but it did calm me down and often gave me a slightly airy, bouncy feeling, making for a pleasant stroll on a sunny afternoon. Listening to tunes, I did not notice any specific aural enhancements, yet had an unusually splendid time with tunes like “Birds Cry (Whisper to a Scream)” and “Captain of Her Heart” (two sweet 1980s deep cuts). The high lasted and didn’t begin to subside until well over an hour later. I don’t want to make any grand proclamations here but based on my experimentations with smoking and vaping THCA products, none of them reached the best highs of straight up THC. But not everyone wants to get baked to the point of speechlessness, so this may be exactly what some folks are looking for. I have at least one more THCA strain review coming up in the future, and surely more are on the horizon.

Before wrapping this up, I gave Honey Bun one more go. This time with a lighter and my bubbler, filled with a nice, medium-sized bowl, and I inhaled the entire thing. Came back to the keyboard, nicely chilled and typing these words. Honey Bun is an easy, heady high and a new angle from which to come at your cannabis consumption.

Presumably Honey Bun leans Indica – it sure feels that way, though never overwhelmingly so. Info that was given to us by Medicis Pharmacy claims that Honey Bun “will give you a happy head high,” which I would 100% agree with, and that it will leave you relaxed and maybe even hungry (when I got home from the walk, I did devour a bowl of berries and almond milk). It may also relieve stress and depression. So, the basics are here, and sometimes the basics are all you need.

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